Let’s Take the Long View: Tom Engelhardt and Rebecca Solnit on the Stout Heart of Occupy

Deja vue? Heerrrre’s Occupy: same place, New York City, one year later, September 17, 2012.

Yes, once again, a benchmark sortie in the struggle to redeem the soul of humanity is underway —

As many as 100 arrested at Occupy protest on one-year anniversary

On this first anniversary, Tom Engelhardt of tomdispatch.com recognizes Rebecca Solnit for helping to buoy him up during times of struggle — something she does with dispatch; for me, as well.

Most of us are aware that the Occupy movement, starting one year ago today, in two short months singlehandedly shifted the national conversation from Republication v. Democrat to the economic and spiritual gulf between the 99% and 1%, a sea change that has not gone away, despite this presidential election season, when both sides are forced to address it.

But few of us are aware of the range of ongoing small and large initiatives on local levels that Occupy continues to inspire. Solnit lets us know just what kinds, and how many. Hers is a wide-ranging and heart-warming perspective on example after example of how the Occupy movement has kicked into low, determined gear a real, foundational transfiguration that subtly guides us away from the desperate discord that accompanies the selfish culture of individual greed to the joyful harmony blessing those who join in selfless service to the whole.

This is a long read, and well worth it. Thanks to tomdispatch.com.

Tomgram, Rebecca Solnit: Success is for the Stubborn

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