HIstorian Richard Dolan on the UFO phenomenon, interviewed in Norway on 9/11/12: “There’s something going on. It’s important. And it’s secret.”


“I do believe that we are being visited . . . I don’t know if these beings are from outer space, or from earth, or where they’re from. Twenty years ago, when I started researching this topic, I was more conservative, and I sort of fell into this.

“Here’s what we can say for sure: There’s something going on. It’s important. And it’s secret.”

“It’s a pretty logical conclusions that they are beings from space. But there’s a lot of strangeness to UFOs. That makes some people wonder if it’s even stranger than outer space. Do these beings come in and out of our reality? Or do they just live here? I think that’s the case. These beings have been here for a long time.

“If I were an alien, and I didn’t want any hassles, I’d create a secure environment, under the ground, under a mountain, under the ocean floor. . .”

Dolan goes on to tells detail fascinating stories . . .

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