From overloaded complexity/control to increasing simplicity/connection — or not! It’s up to us.

From a ranprieur post, today:

“And where Americans are sabotaging surveillance cameras, there are new cameras to watch cameras that watch you. So what happens when people sabotage the cameras that watch the cameras? They’ll have to make cameras watching cameras watching cameras! This is an example of Joseph Tainter’s observation that increasing complexity is subject to diminishing returns, but I wonder if this is only because complexity is being added to prop up central control, and if the deeper rule is that increasing control is subject to diminishing returns.”

Tainter fears social unrest. But is “social unrest” inevitable?

Not necessarily. It depends on us.

Get proactive. Gear down, simplify, localize, connect with your neighbors. Share, care, dare to change! We don’t hafta keep up that bloated, materialistic “standard of living” to which we are accustomed and in which we’ve grown fat, lazy, stupified, and drastically disconnected from the ever-replenishing abundance of Mother Nature.

Bigger is NOT better!

Small IS beautiful!

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