InLight Radio: “Our Galactic Family is Here” (video)

I wouldn’t go so far as to say our “Galactic Family” is all peace and light. There’s bound to be fractious elements within this family as well as any other . . . But on balance, I’d say this video is as accurate as it could be, at least given the range and depth of info I’ve been wading through for several years now.

I especially like how the speakers tie the presence of the galactics with both the big reason why governments still keep it a secret (they would lose their power if they told) and a radically transformed future. Whether or not that future begins on or before the supposed end of an enormously long cycle of the Mayan Calendar on the precise date of December 21, 2012, is of course, still an open question, though this (possibly fanciful) idea carries a lot of weight for those who think they need to be saved — and soon!

The production values of the video however, aren’t so good; the visuals of some of the people’s faces and their expressions as they talk are distorted. Perhaps that can be improved?

In any case, this is a welcome effort!

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