September 11, 2001: the lynch-pin that, once pulled out, collapses our view of the world

The footprints of the towers, now a “national memorial.” And where is the footprint of building 7?

This may be the single most interesting narrative I have read on the civilization-shattering 9.11 phenomenon and its aftermath. Astrologer Eric Francis’s deeply personal discovery process penetrates to the heart of the matter, the total transformation in our world-view that accompanies even the barest hint that the official version of events was not the real one. I excerpt from this long piece his (and my) conclusion. But do read the whole thing, if you want to enter the thinking and feeling process of one man who dared to let his questions lead him down the rabbit hole.

Once we accept that 9.11.01 might not have been what “they” said it was, well, as a logic teacher once fumed, red-faced, to me, when I asked, in all innocence: “What’s wrong with contradiction?”

“If we allow contradiction,” he yelled, “then anything is possible, ANYTHING.”

Yes, anything is possible if what “they” say about 9.11.01 contradicts what is real.

September 11, 2001: Call It What It Is

September 12, 2012

by Eric Francis

Once you start gathering them, and looking at them with your eyes open, the facts are so obvious they can speak for themselves; that is, to anyone who wants to listen. Yet here is what I call the spiritual problem, though. It’s the implication of any of this information, if you accept it. If we shift the narrative of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, we have to change our worldview. I don’t mean this casually. Understanding Sept. 11 requires changing your perspective of the world.

If we accept that there’s a problem with the official story, we have to open up to the possibility that 1) we are being lied to and 2) that there is another version of events — such as the whole thing was a premeditated false flag event. I mean, it didn’t just happen all by itself. If, hypothetically, there were explosive charges put into buildings, and they had to be placed in advance, who did it? And why? Those questions have answers. And those answers challenge who we are as individuals and also on the tribal level.

This is too big of a psychological barrier for most people to cross over. Once you go down that road, as someone said to me the other day, you don’t know where you’re going to end up — or rather you do know and it’s not a pretty place. Your whole notion of both society and politics will change, and as a result, you will change. This makes the issue deeply personal — just like we experience it.

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