Post-Dad: Jack’s two dreams, a new spaciousness for Mom

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I was speaking, early this morning, with a dear soul friend of mine, I’ll call him Jack, who called to announce that he had been dreaming, of a bunch of scorpions, black and blue, crawling all over his body. “I’m a Scorpio,” he says, “and so this feels relevant.”

This man works in “the real world,” that of predatory capitalism, marketing a good product and trying to keep his soul intact while feeding his family — but surrounded by people who, more and more, are faking, lying, pretending; desperate to hold together a rapidly collapsing world.

A few nights ago, Jack says, he dreamed of my dad (who died on August 27th). “Your dad in his younger self.” They were sitting at a table. Dad told him that he supports him, whatever his decision. This dream is significant to both of us, because Dad was not one to leave the “real world” for realms unknown. On the other hand, Dad once left a thriving joint medical practice because he disagreed ethically with a group decision. So yes, what he said to Jack is in character.

Jack also told me he spoke with my 94-year-old Mom yesterday, and before I mentioned it, he said he notices what he calls a “gravelley” tone in her voice, and that he too, feels her to be more real. “She’s been like a half-submerged rock in a lake,” he said, “and the waves made by your Dad kept her from being visible.”

Fox News, on loud because Dad was hard of hearing, no longer fills the room. She sits in blessed silence, watching clouds drift through the sky in her new little aerie apartment, sinking beneath the surface of the role she played for 70 years as Ben’s “wife,” her children’s “mother,” to her origins, the original Re-nee (her name, in French, means re-born!).

No wonder she told me she’s going to start those art classes. Who knows what she will discover as she picks up a brush and begins.

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  1. Hi Ann, the scorpion symbolism has been in my dreams for years. I left the apprenticeship program of Taliesin (Frank Lloyd Wright foundation) years ago and for year after had a recurring dream, in which, Mrs. FLLW would appear to me and ask me to return. After twenty five years had passed, I did return. Because of that dream. In the dream Mrs. Wright would ask me to hold out my hand, and she would place a scorpion in it. I would awaken immediately remembering the dream. Years later I came to realize, the scorpion, (Goddess Selkut in Egyptian mythology – strong medicine) referred to the ethichs of the fellowship. I now keep a little stuffed toy scorpion on the back of my sofa. I believe you saw it. My feeling is that the stinging power of the scorpion represents the tendency of creative people to sting each other (sometimes to death as in the mating ritual of the scorpion) with their hyper-critical attitude toward one anothers work. The fact that todays young people are nature-deprived and suffer from the digital immersion, is changing the system of ethics. It is very difficult for those reared in a nurturing (catholic atmosphere) to cope with this reactionary attitude of people whose empath has been eroded. I left my job when i could no longer sustaing the stinging of this selfish new ethic.

  2. Thanks, Jay, for this. Yes, I have a feeling that’s Jack’s situation as well. And that his dreams are nudging him in a new, more authentic, direction. It makes me wonder, how many people, during this stirring, evolutionary/revolutionary time, are being visited by scorpions in their dreams, stinging them into action?

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