Little Horse Thief Fire threatens Jackson, Wyoming

Possible evacuation area as of one day ago. Fire approaching from southwest.

Update, 9/12/12: Fire now slowed considerably.

In any other year, this fire, which threatens a resort area visited by millions each summer, might have made the national news.

I remember 1988, when the gigantic Yellowstone fire blanketed the valley with a thick pall and no rain fell between April and October. That fire was heavily covered by national and international media.

But now, in this unprecedented era of global weirding, fire — and drought, and dead forests due to pine beetle infestation — is only one of the geophysical stresses we face.

This particular fire certainly speaks to me, since it’s my old stomping ground, and our office was only six blocks from the edge of the current possible evacuation area.

Nature gives, and she takes away. We think we’re in charge, in control, and sometimes we are — and then, not! In the blink of an eye, She giveth, and She taketh away.

Wonderful visuals in this video, remarkable use of google earth.

Little Horse Thief Fire in Jackson Wyoming

Also see this article, for news of other fires in the northwest. It includes this paragraph about the Jackson fire:

“The Horsethief Canyon Fire, which has burned about 4 square miles south of the resort town of Jackson, Wyo. Firefighters were working to protect the town and the Jackson Hole valley’s main communications towers from the blaze. About 1,000 residents have been warned to be prepared to leave in case the blaze gets too close. The fire was 10 percent contained Tuesday.”

Even Seattle is not immune. At the time of my visit (August 27 – September 8) the area had gone a record 46 days without rain.

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