Chris Hedges discovers Richard Heinberg and hears: Get to know your neighbors!

Richard Heinberg

Chris Hedges

. . . Heinberg talks to Hedges about the strategy for survival that is springing up locally everywhere: community! Right here, right now, together, shared, connected, commingled. Not top down, but bottom up, the life force erupting like a geyser inside each of us, and together.

While their conversation is “hedged” (heh heh) with fears that relocalization efforts will end up criminalized by the PTW desperate to hang on to power, I’d say it’s at least an even bet, given the acceleration of our global awakening, that the people will prevail. And when the stakes are 50/50, just a tiny nudge over the center line puts us on track for a transformed future.

Hopefully, Hedges will now experience and encourage the growing light in the tragic and terrible hole he’s been investigating with such impressively lyrical fatalism. Given his wide readership, that might make his weekly columns just the nudge we need.

Growth is the Problem

September 10, 2012

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