Brandon Raub: Latest victim of unexamined fusion between psychiatry and the state

Update: VICTORY! “Circuit Court Judge Allan Sharrett dismissed the petition for involuntary commitment on the grounds that the petition “is so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy.” Full story: rumormillnews.

Ex-Marine Brandon Raub, who has been detained for “mental illness” because of “threatening” facebook posts, is an example what can happen when psychiatry and the state fuse into one vast mind-controlling matrix.

Brandon Raub,

Yesterday I was reading a post by Thomas Szasz, one of my early heroes — his “The Myth of Mental Illness” (1961) was on my bedside table along with another renegade psychiatrist’s book, R.D. Laing’s “Politics of Experience,” and, for me, the holy of holies, C.G. Jung’s “Memories, Dreams and Reflections.” Here’s what wikipedia says about Szasz, his early book:

“Perhaps the best known argument against the tendency of psychiatrists to label people who are “disabled by living” as mentally ill, it was described by David Cooper as “a decisive, carefully documented demystification of psychiatric diagnostic labelling in general.”

This business of labeling people is not just an academic issue, or one confined to psychiatry. Unfortunately, by labeling people “mentally ill,” the monolithic state then gets involved, to either confine or forcibly transform these people back to “normal” socially conditioned sheeple.

Pay attention to all the lively children who are dumbed down through Ritalin. To all the people whose anti-depression medication masks their natural grief that needs to move for them to access their creativity. To the millions who take sleeping pills and never dream.

What happens to us when we do not express our full natures? Think about it.

Here’s an in-depth interview.

Thomas Szasz on Freedom and Psychotherapy

Here’s a short video, his view of psychiatry.

Now, today, I see that the freedom-loving Oathkeepers are coming to the aide of Brandon Raub.

Oathkeepers to Rally in Support of Marine Veteran Brandon Raub, Victim of Soviet-Style Pre-Crime Detention

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