Gordon Duff, on ufo disinfo: “very high quality fakes” showing up on youtube in past few weeks

To continue what is turning into a series on what appears to be an accelerating disinfo campaign —

August 13: NASA contaminates channeled messages


August 18: Disinfo campaign ramps up

— early today my eyebrows shot up at this section of a long, very interesting and, as usual, provocative piece by Gordon Duff, in veteranstoday.com:

Sunday Morning, August 19th, 2012, 12:12AM

Of late, Youtube has featured many UFO videos.

I work with national agencies that have advanced capabilities to analyze documents, videos, photographs and such using “after next generation equipment.”

Here is what we have found; many videos on youtube are counterfeit, as you might expect. However, the level of couterfeiting requires that creating them would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and use equipment that Lucasfilm only wishes it could afford.

Thus, very expensive analysis of videos that are made covering key areas, some in the far east, some elsewhere, politically volatile areas, have been subjected to advanced scrutiny. A high quality fake video is like a perfect counterfeit $100 bill that cost $500 to make.

These videos are being made for huge amounts of money, sold for next to nothing and produce a tiny amount of income from Youtube.

These aren’t, you remember, all videos, but very special ones and they began showing up a few weeks ago after Veterans Today published the analysis of a fully REAL UFO. Now we are getting very high quality fakes.

Thus far, two governments have declared the manufacture of these videos acts of terrorism and arrests have been made.

Beyond this is speculation. As there seem to be some real UFO videos, I have no idea how many, very few I expect, it could be that creating a large number that would be costly to debunk is a way of using up valuable counter-intelligence resources.

The question is why? Covering up real UFOs? In this case, I look forward to the deductions of others. I have left out some facts, names of special judges and international authorities. This is a big deal and no more can be said by me.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Interesting observation: My 4-yr old grand daughter has apparently been receiving “exopolitical instruction” in preschool where the kids are apparently given the understanding of various alien beings that inhabit other worlds. If all the little ones are on the same page, they pretty much are prepared for extraterrestrial contact with any positive ET race. This emergent collective concept concerning alien life, appears to be tied together with the landing of “Curiosity” on Mars. The vocabulary of these 4-year olds has shifted apparently over to the assertive from the “just pretend.” Mars has Martians, Jupiter has aliens. We call the people “from other planets” aliens. We live on Earth and Earth is round like a ball and is covered with water.

    I doubt there has ever been a group of kids better prepared for contact.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    It’s a church sponsored pre-school in Dublin, CA. The disconnect (for me) is that this is a very mainstream, conservative, yuppie-parents environment, filled to capacity (apparently) called Resurrection Lutheran Church:


    Their Christmas program is exactly what you would expect it to be with the exception that there seems to be children from many different background faiths.

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