Ecuador may appeal to the ICC in its efforts to extract Assange from the U.K.

So. Which laws, and which type of sovereignty, take precedence? The plucky Ecuador nation state, appealing to international law, or that of the corporatist Empire masquerading as the U.S. nation state and its minions? Worse, is the ICC, at a “higher” level, another morphing mask of the globalist cabal? In which case, do these two competing sovereignties (International and Empire) dovetail, while only appearing to conflict? Very confusing, when you start to think about it, and to realize that nothing is ever, ever, as it appears. Let’s face it, and frankly, let’s celebrate it: The so-called “criminal” case of Julian Assange continues to peel back a writhing global can of worms.

Time to start over.

Ecuador may file appeal to ICC if UK refuses Assange safe passage

August 17, 2012

Ecuador has said it may appeal to the International Criminal Court (ICC) if the UK refuses to grant Julian Assange safe passage out of the country.

Eciadorian presidential staff adviser Alexis Mera said his government would pursue every legal means to bring Assange to Ecuador.

“We are open to discuss with Britain the solution to this problem, and if there is no diplomatic solution, we may resort to the International Court of Justice,” Ecuadorian daily EL Commercio quoted Mera as saying.

“It would be terrible and an attack on all international rights” if British police were to enter the Ecuadorian embassy, he said.

On Friday Mera attended a cabinent meeting with President Rafael Correa and other ministers in the Southern city of Liba.


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