August 15, 2012, 6:30 am EDT: Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra



Mars/Saturn conjunction

Tomorrow, August 15th, at approximately 6:30 AM EDT, Washington, D.C., Mars and Saturn will conjunct each other for the first time in two years. While not a rare aspect, it is important, since the meanings of these two planets are antithetical.

Mars wants to go; Saturn, to stop. Like running a car with the brakes on.

Mars is impulsive, even explosive energy; Saturn is structure, containment. Frustration. Chomping at the bit.

Mars wants it now, whatever it is; Saturn prefers to wait and see and proceed very very carefully.

Mars is youth, inexperience; Saturn is age, experience.

Mars is courageous or foolhardy, depending; Saturn is timid, or wise, depending.

You get the picture?

And, these two are coming together in the relationship-oriented sign of Libra, where Saturn is exalted and Mars in the sign opposite Aries, which it rules. So Saturn has the distinct advantage. (And, I might add, thank the gods!)

Notice the kinds of things that have been happening this week in terms of relationships. Notice, for example, Egypt’s new president (Saturn) defanging the military (Mars). Notice the upstart (Mars) nuns’, their nuanced, measured (Saturn) response to the angry (Mars) Vatican (Saturn).

In my own world, I notice how one person is working to de-couple herself from a partnership, and doing it with both fairness (Saturn) and passion (Mars).

In every case, in all ways, what is required, if we wish to express this aspect consciously, rather than automatically, is the recognition that energy, when expressed with awareness, funnels through the focus of some kind of strong, steady channel. For when we are reactive, and energy goes crazy (Mars), then bad things happen (Saturn): (the shooter in Texas got shot).

Mars is causes, setting things in motion; Saturn effects, karmic effects: what goes round, comes round.

Saturn in Libra: partnerships must be just, equal, and balanced, with clear, mutual communication of needs and strengths.

Mars in Libra: how to funnel enormous energy towards another without blowing the other away? How to balance one’s own energy with another’s.

This particular iteration of Mars/Saturn is beautifully aspected to the Sun (60° sextile), in Leo: any efforts to create a nuanced, balance of forces are rewarded, shine forth in glory.

This particular iteration of Mars/Saturn is, however, also in a difficult aspect (90° square) to the Cancer Moon. So feelings will run high, and it will be difficult not to take whatever happens personally.

Taken together, these four planets — Mars/Saturn, with Sun and Moon — create what I call a “triangle of continuous growth,” with a sextile, a square, and a semi-sextile (30°) (between Sun and Moon).

All efforts in the direction of conscious partnership, of relationship that is nuanced, balanced, and committed to the good of both parties in any polarity, will be rewarded with a new path, a new timeline.

Anyone who has planets around or between 23° and 25° of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), will be especially affected by this conjunction.

For the U.S. chart, Mercury (in Cancer) and Pluto (in Capricorn) are both in this degree area. I have a hunch that the natal tendency of this nation to preserve secrecy (set limits (Saturn) on communication (Mercury)) will be highlighted during this conjunction.

Hopefully, this conjunction will herald a new beginning, signified by a slow, measured, shift in the way knowledge is or is not communicated, a gradual disclosure of so-called “national security” secrets that have been so long held as too important to communicate to the public — among them the long-standing presence on Earth of extraterrestrial and interdimensional life.

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