Do YOU still drink bottled water?

Thanks to daughter-in-law Sue, for the pointer.

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  1. Catherine says:

    I invested in an AlkaPurity HD system. I am now enjoying high-alkaline, oxygenated, clean water. I got some LifeFactory glass bottles at Whole Foods. They have a silicone sleeve and even dropping it on concrete, it did not break. I feel much better after starting on the “magic” water.

  2. I believe everone should invest in a refillable insulated stainless steel thermos that fits in the holder in your car. That’s how we roll. Recrntly we saw a booth at CostCo where we do some of our grocery shopping, it was a created to solicit donations for the local hospital. They were giving away bottled water as a public service. The place where I used to work has a book store and that store sell case after case of bottled tap water with thier own label. It is amazing how blind our society is to the problem crated by all these wasted plastic bottles.

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