Ben Fulford: Why the west is now under Nazi rule and why the elite are in denial

I find Ben Fulford’s message for this week particularly resonant. His view that many people can’t afford to wake up because to do so would mean they would have to leave the security of their paid jobs speaks to me as realistic. It’s not that most people who are “in denial” are bad; rather, they are afraid to break out of the only world they have ever known, especially when they have families to support.

In my own family, there are a few of us who are “awake,” and we tread lightly with the others. For example, on the beach in Santa Monica the other day, I pointed to an unusually drippy chemtrail directly above, and said to the family member next to me, “See that chemtrail?” She didn’t know about chemtrails, thought it was just a contrail. I tried to explain the difference. She didn’t pick up on it. I suggested she google “chemtrails vs. contrails.”

(And see this: Massive Chemtrails Appearing — over California!)

I find her seeming indifference puzzling, because she’s very smart, and very analytic, and a committed environmentalist. What’s the disconnect? What will wake her up?

It used to infuriate me when people didn’t grok the deep, systemic perfidy that sponsors the programmed, competitive, divide-and-conquer, separative illusion that we, the sheeple, sleepwalk within. Especially in my late 30s, when Reagan was president and I was in what I now call my “violent peace activist” phase, demanding that people pay attention to the M.A.D. phallic freak show of 50,000 “peacekeeper” nuclear missiles pointed right at Moscow.

But then I woke up, realized that I was part of the problem, that peace begins with me. Now, I would say the same, and that what must begin with me is awareness, of the whole, of the unitive nature of the cosmos, of the grand drama that envelops us earthlings during this final countdown of the Mayan Calendar that may or may not prove significant in the even longer run.

Meanwhile, as Bill Hicks keeps reminding us, and I wholly recommend, it’s just a ride.

Thanks to kuailapele for the summary and full repost.

Why the west is now under Nazi rule and why the elite are in denial


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