Pointings, July 22, 2012: Financial unraveling, what Cobra says lies behind the illusion we’ve been laboring within — and more

I don’t have time today to pore through this stuff, but I sure do want to point to it, for it does appear that what so many of us have been imagining and hearing about, incredulous, has indeed begun to crystallize into 3D reality.

The two pieces Cobra points to will probably need quite a bit of time to integrate, no matter how “awake” and informed we think we are about the possible deep background to current events.

P.S. If you haven’t yet read David Wilcock’s latest Update, do.

First, from both Reuters and Huffpost: bankster arrests begin. Makes me wonder when the really really MSM — the NYT and the Washington Post (which, I’ve noticed, usually have near-identical top headlines, posted at about the same time) — are going to chime in.

• huffpost: Storm’s Coming

Report: Prosecutors close to making arrests in massive banking scandal

• reuters: Exclusive: Prosecutors, regulators, close to making Libor arrests


Next, one individual defects:

• zerohedge.com: Scandal at the IMF: Senior Economist Resigns, Says “Ashamed to have had any Association with the Fund at all”


Next, the BBC (!) points out what the .00001% is doing.

BBC: Tax Havens: Super rich hiding at least $21tn


Finally, the Cobra material. Let’s do take the red pill. Only the truth shall set us free. I find it fascinating that Cobra points to these two articles now, between the so-called “lone gunman” shooting in Colorado two days ago and the London Olympics that starts on July 27th. Something drastically awful had been designed for the Olympics, that seems obvious, with the movie massacre its precursor. Let’s envision our growing collective awareness as bringing their nefarious climactic plan to a dead stop.

• portal2012.blogspot.ca: The Red Pill


And a P.S.

• shiftfrequency.com: excerpt from recent channeling from Montague Keen:

“They see the Olympics in London as their gateway to the New World Order. They intend to create mayhem; to create such FEAR that the people will agree to almost anything in order to feel safe. This is a TRAP. It is the same old formula: it worked on 9/11, it worked on 7/7.

“This is THE BIG ONE. It is their last chance to create the New World Order that they have planned and worked towards for so long. They will try to use Project Bluebeam, fake spaceships; in fact, everything in their arsenal in this, their final attempt, to take over your world.

“They failed to take your awakening into account. . .”

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