The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora

As soon as I heard about the Aurora shooting, intuition flew through, reminiscent of 9/11, Columbine, Oklahoma City — “false flag,” “inside job” — you name it.

A perfect setup: oooooh! The midnight premier in a crowded theater of a Batman Movie, The Dark Knight Rises! And in the town of Aurora. The name” Aurora: The Goddess of the Dawn.”

Dawn of whatever they’re trying to pull off now in the face of an increasingly aware populace.

And oh yes, the (mind-controlled, manchurian candidate, MK Ultra? “lone male shooter” sap) Dark Knight bursts through the theater door in full SWAT team regalia, with shotgun, tear-gas canister, and two handguns, or was that a rifle? Waddled through, no doubt, with all that body armor clanking on his body. And a gas mask, I hear? True? And how did he get in there?

And of course, all the innocent. The spilling of the blood of the innocent. Cabalistic ritual. Gets the fear rolling for whatever they’re planning for the militarized Olympics. Oh yes, and how perfect, that this rampage follows the suspicious, and extremely effective, Colorado fires!

Zen Gardner sent this piece to his email list only hours before the shooting. Boy was he tracking the zeitgeist!

Mega False Flag Looms: The Surreal Appeal of the Unreal

Here’s Tyler Burden of on the slaughter:

14 dead, 50 injured shooting during midnight dark knight screening cell phone video carnage has a bunch of stuff. Alex himself talks about it on video, though I can’t seem to find it again.

And here’s a, to me, excessively occult, rumination.

911 & Roswell Connection to Colorado Theater Shooting? Dark Knight Rises Wow!

Lots more to come, no doubt. This one will take its place with all the other cleverly designed bloody dramas to make us feel powerless, controlled, terrified, and demanding “security.”

Just at lunch, today, my very Republican Dad opined, out of the blue (because of course there’s no point in trying to talk with a man who’s deaf and who disagrees with this daughter so profoundly): “They should set up someone with a gun in every public space to protect people.”

Yep. Bingo.

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  1. On ‘NETFLIX’ watching ” SUPERNATURAL ” gives us a whole new outlook on what is really going on, it
    opens more dimensions to reality than anything i ever saw. (ELITE spilling their guts with only 10% dis- info intermingled) What a shocker.

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