Are we being programmed by “soft disclosure” now?

While being herded up a stairwell through I think it was the Minneapolis airport last month on my first summer trip to Seattle, my eyes happened to glance at an enormous advertisement that had a disk-shaped UFO in it, large and plain as day. Can’t remember the subject matter of the advertisement, but I do remember regretting later that I didn’t take a picture of that advertisement with my iPhone. I was just so stunned to see the UFO in it, that my mind went temporarily blank.

Here’s one of the 88 comments (so far) that refer to the latest cryptic Cobra message,

I found the comment just plain interesting, all the way through, and it provided me with the perfect opportunity to mention that damned UFO advertised at the airport which has haunted me ever since I saw it and forgot to photograph it.

From “Damon”:

Hi, folks! I’ve been lurking here for a couple of months now, and I find that this site and David Wilcock’s site are the ones that resonate most with me. I truly appreciate the work that Cobra is doing for us all.

Why did I decide to jump in today? Well, seeing this “Event” image rang a Liberty Bell-sized bell for me, because, for many years, I have been a strong proponent of what is termed The Electric Universe paradigm. This model is an alternative to the Big Bang view of the Universe, and holds that the Universe is essentially a gigantic electrical organism; that all of the phenomena and structures that we see in space may be understood most elegantly in terms of electrical interactions and discharges.

For LOTS more information along these lines—much more than I am able to elaborate on in this space—please see the following article (as well as the larger site). The information there offers an excellent framework for understanding (admittedly, mostly qualitatively) how electrical energy moves through and truly animates the cosmos. It even fully coincides with the type of science that folks like Nassim Haramein are doing. The Astrophysical Crisis at Red Square:

Also, has anyone seen any of the promos on ABC TV for their new Fall shows? I’m writing specifically about their new shows The Neighbors () and Last Resort ().

Wow. The Neighbors is about a suburban neighborhood, wherein the series main character and his family discover that most of their neighbors are actually human-looking aliens! As the series is a comedy, the show seems to be mostly about how we can learn to get along with our alien “neighbors.” When I saw the promo, I smiled and thought, ‘Disclosure, anyone?’ The Neighbors:

The other show, Last Resort, is about an American nuclear submarine crew that defies an illegal order. Labeled “rogue,” the sub is fired on, and begins a stand-off with the government. I saw this promo and actually laughed out loud and thought about the whole idea of the “good” military elements. Last Resort:

Seeing these two promos was interspersed with seeing (of all things) a McDonald’s/Coca-Cola commercial (on television, as well) in which aliens are seen dispensing an icy cold Coke into a McDonald’s cup from a soda fountain machine that they had just “abducted” from Earth. The aliens all look like they are suited up in a kind of bio-armor, through which one of them sips some Coke from a straw. When he tastes it, the panels that make up his helmet sort of peel back to reveal a friendly, human-like smiling face. All the aliens agree that Coke is great.

Now, while I am by no means advocating eating McDonald’s or drinking Coke, I do think that the imagery is significant. Again, I got a “disclosure” kind of feel from the ad.

Anyway, all this to say that in conjunction with the LIBOR story (which was “reported” on the Daily Show last night, and is a sign of this story—one of the main underlying justifications for the Resistance Movement in the first place—moving into the mainstream), these new television shows and ads all seem spectacularly synchronous.

I’m excited to see what happens the rest of the year!

Love + Light

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  1. Ann, We So Love reading Your Blogs and We have Been Sharing Alot of them At the Galactic Free Press, Thank You for all You are Being In the Light! Here was our Latest Update we would Like to share, as we announced the Breakthough of the Light 2 days prior to Cobra;s Message Here. All Our Love And Joy for these Miraculous Moments we are IN., Love The Earth Allies

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