Vandana Shiva on Bill Moyers: “Everything is connected. The real science is the science of non-separation.”

From my notes:

Moyers asks her what keeps her going.

Vandana Shiva: There’s a very simple lesson that Krishna gives in the Gita: You do not measure the fruit of your action. You measure you obligation for action. You have to find out what is the right thing to do. That is your duty. Whether you win or lose is not the issue.

Small farmers are still producing 80% of the world’s food. We forget the scale of what smallness means multiplied many times, because we’ve gotten used to the dinosaur mentality. We only see the big. We forget that dinosaurs went extinct.

Moyers: some people have said that globalization, the movement of people, ideas, money, across national boundaries as if they didn’t exist is also a demonstration of interconnectedness.

Shiva: First of all, this is not interconnectedness. It’s an extremely artificial corporate rule on a global scale. All that’s floating around is commodities! Still the billiard board (Newtonian) model! The world of interconnectedness would recognize that the rivers of China need to flow free. . . That people at work need to exercise. . .

This corporatization of the globe into commodities — that “flow” is not a flow of interconnectedness, but is leading to disconnection. I watch every day, the displacement, the divisions, and the violence that results.

That’s “interconnectedness” through greed, and an exclusion of people, the denial of their humanity. We are seeing a drop of our sense of humanity, and a collapse of our recognition that we are one species.

And much, much more from Vandana Shiva, who I’m tempted to say, speaks for the Earth Mother herself. She certainly looks like a goddess!

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2 Responses to Vandana Shiva on Bill Moyers: “Everything is connected. The real science is the science of non-separation.”

  1. Santa Fe Roger says:

    I saw her on the Bill Moyers PBS show last night, as well, & she was super fabulous!!!! I have seen her on 2 programs on LINK-TV discussing the problems created in India by Monsanto and on another program about the heirloom deep freeze seed bank in northern Norway, if I remember correctly. They might be available at to see.

    At any rate, hearing her speak was a breath of fresh air. We need more awake planetary citizens such as herself to come forward & I believe they are in greater & greater numbers with good common sense earth wisdom to share.


    Santa Fe Roger

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