I’m off to a conference with “sisters of earth” . . .

I’m off this afternoon through Sunday noon to participate in a women’s gathering at the St. Mary of the Woods College in Terre Haute Indiana put on by the Sisters of Earth. The conference is called Deep Transition: Sharing the Wisdom, Shaping the Dream. Don’t know (yet) why I felt guided to attend this conference, with Carolyn Baker as featured speaker. Will share a room with my dear friend and permaculture teacher Rhonda Baird.

From the website: ‘Sisters of Earth’ is an informal network of women who share a deep concern for the ecological and spiritual crises of our times and who wish to support one another in work toward healing the human spirit and restoring the Earth’s life support systems. We are teachers, gardeners, artists, writers, administrators, workshop and retreat guides, mothers, contemplatives and activists… in the United States, Canada and beyond. This network of sharing and support is open to all women whose life and work would identify them as Sisters of Earth. www.sistersofearth.net

Oops! I just discovered that I did not do the homework required, to order and watch the DVD, The Economics of Happiness. Hopefully, our experimentation with the Gift Circle will prove a worthy substitute . . . And, if you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that one of my main obsessions is how to see and heal the circulatory system of this planet by moving to a gifting economy and placing ourselves squarely, once again, back in the loving arms of Mother Nature, as she circles serenely through the mysterious, magical, multidimensional cosmos.

Not sure how much I’ll be able to post from there, though I will haul this computer along.

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