Drunvalo Melchizadek’s writings from four years ago still reverberate

Two interesting 2008 posts from Drunvalo Melchizadek, thanks to rumormillnews.com.

“Now is a time, where we are about to move from one way of being, to a completely different way of being.” — Drunvalo M

July 12, 2012

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“From the indigenous people, from all over the World, not just ones we are familiar with, but from all over, there is an agreement that we have entered into, a unique time in the history of the world, and it’s a time where we are about to move from, one way of being, to a completely different way, of being.”

“The ideas that we have held, for example “star wars”, where we have a concept that the Universe is fighting with each other, we are going to discover that this is not true, that actually, the Universe is a living being, and

It is conscious, and it is very old, and it cares about itself in lots of ways, and so like I said, the ideas of “star wars” there, are just really a mental fear of humans – in truth the Universe really does everything it can, to help each other and we are entering into a time where that is going to become obvious.

Where it looks helpless, we are going to find support, and where everything just looks there is no way out, we are going to find the way out, we are going to see the light to go through it.

It is a time of great hope (anticipation) we are entering into.

The Mayans specifically, when they talk about this time, they call this time the End of Time because it is the end of a very long cycle, and

It is the beginning of a new cycle, it isn’t like everything comes to an end – it is just the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

But it depends on which part of the cycle the Mayans are talking about, IF — they are talking about the old part of the cycle, which is what we are familiar with, that is, the banking system, the religions, the governments and all this kind of stuff,

That is going to become extremely unstable, and, ‘if’ they are correct, it is going to break apart completely and dissolve away, but in its place is going to be a brand new way of being,

A way that we have not seen on Earth in almost anybody’s life-time, in a long long time, in thousands and thousands of years, where fear goes away. We are about the end of polarity.”

“A new way of perceiving enters the world and we in our lifetime are going to experience it, I mean now, in this moment (in 2008 – or 2012 for that matter – Bob) — it seems It can’t be!

The world is crazy! There are wars, they are trying to kill each other and the financial systems are breaking apart and on and on and on ……

But that is not what the Ancient Ones on this planet are saying, they are saying, finally, we are entering this place, and we are going to see something brand new, well, it is very old actually!”

“It isn’t anything really that one has to do – it is about transformation, and it is vibration, it is Beingness, rather than doing, ‘doingness’ or having to do, or having to accomplish, is part of ‘polarity consciousness’, but

We are going to enter into a state ‘soon’ – well, we have actually already entered into – it is still a baby, and it is just growing..

The very idea of ‘needing to do something’, in order to accomplish something, or that we ‘need something’, because we feel like we ‘lack’ something, it will just be obsolete.

Those ‘ideas’ will not even enter into us, because we will have the ability to achieve anything, instantly, on any level of existence imaginable.

We are about to gain control of the dreaming ‘state of the heart’, and that is the place where Creation took place in the first place.

We think that we are alive on a planet that is floating around the sun.

That isn’t true!

There is no planet, there is no sun, there is not any-thing, it is just pure consciousness and nothing more.

And the images that we are looking at, the star, the planet, the moon and everything, is really a Dream that was created in the Heart, a long time ago, and

When we enter back into the state of the living heart, and when we begin to dream the way we did million of years ago, we realise that we can just change, anything…

It is a journey, it is a journey that we really are in, the ‘past’ of this journey, it has already happened, and what life is about to do, is something that it has not done before, EVER,

It is the first time ever, since the creaton of this, that it has decided to speed things up and so instead of taking millions of years to make these different levels or steps,

They are going to be done, sometimes in minutes and we are going to go with the speed of light though evolution, and through many many levels, that normally takes really millions and millions of years to achieve, and

We are going to reach this very quickly …

And then once we get there, I can’t tell you what will happen, I don’t know, that is up to us, it is between us and God, and by that point, we are going to realise that we are God.”


Drunvalo Melchizedek – 2008

Consciousness and the Pineal Gland (the “Third Eye”). Your TONGUE is the key to higher consciousness!

July 12, 2012

Posted By: Bob

In Response To: “Now is a time, where we are about to move from one way of being, to a completely different way of being.” — Drunvalo M (Bob)

Consciousness and the Pineal Gland – the ‘Third Eye’.

“When I introduced the Merkaba to the world, so many people misunderstood me, they thought that it was everything, that it was the most important thing in the world, and, actually in consciousness, that is the least important.

We have mapped human consciousness very carefully and we know exactly how it works.

he Merkaba which is around the body, is the screen out here at your fingertips, there is a sphere of energy and that is the screen from which the images are projected unto.

This is using human words to say something that is slightly beyond humanness, but still, the idea works.

The images are projected unto this sphere around us which we call the universe, the universe isn’t there, it is just pure consciousness that surrounds each one of us, but from there, inside of the human head, is a complex set of four glands, and it is very much like a computer really, a ‘lot’ like a computer.

There is a system in there that we have long forgotten. Jesus remembered it. Whenever you look at a shot of Jesus, you usually see these 3 beams of light coming out of his head, there is actually 8 of them but you cant see them all from a front position and those beams of light are tied in the pineal gland.

Around those beams of light is a sphere of energy that moves around of there, and then inside the pineal gland, there are 8 beams of light that come out in a sets of 4, and then that pineal gland is an eyeball, it is literally the third eye.

It is hollow, it has color receptors inside of it, it has a lens on top of it, and that is connected behind it to something that is squeezed around it, called the thalamus, and

The thalamus gland, or glands (there are two of them), that have a long tube that go down to the ‘roof of the mouth’.

In front of the pineal gland there are two more glands, two more pairs, the pituitary glands, and in front of that, there is another chakra point, out in space, out here, in front of you, and

When all of those glands are lined up and there is a very specific way of doing that, which has to do with your TONGUE, because

Your tongue, is the key to higher consciousness.

All these things sound very strange to you until you actually understand how they work.

Actually I can tell you very quickly:

When you look at human conception, it begins as a sphere, which is the ovum, sperm comes in and conception takes place.

Then it divides into 2, which is mitosis, then it divides into 4 and forms a perfect tetrahedron, then it goes into 8 which is the star tetrahedron, which is the key to the Merkaba, which is a cube, and then

It continues to grow, and then it forms an ‘apple shape’ that is hollow inside, that is 512 cells, and in the book, ‘we’ stop there.

Well, if you continue on with pyramedical research what happens, what that becomes is, the HEART and there is a stage of development, where everyone of us were in our mother’s womb and our body, our entire body was our Heart and nothing more.

And then at one stage our body came out of the heart and emerged out, our hands, our feet, our head and everything else like that, and our heart was tucked in, and we became the fetus that we are familiar with.

Just from that you can see why the heart is more (important) than the brain. It is older. It is more established.

But which is the first part of the human body that comes out of the heart, the very first thing?

It is the ‘tip of the tongue’.

The tip of the tongue emerges out, and so intuitively, you can see that the tip of the tongue is directly connected with the ‘sacred space’ of the heart, where Creation takes place, and so

When one is ‘in the heart’ – and one ‘has to be’ in the heart and not in the brain – and when one is sitting in the sacred space of the heart, and they put their tip of their tongue in the roof of the mouth, and

Begin to massage a very specific spot, then they cause a sexual stimulation between the heart and the brain that stimulates the thalamus.

That begins to fire ‘alpha’ in the four lobes of the brain, and when the alpha reaches a certain level of firing, this ‘green light’ will appear – that is talked about all the way back in the Vedas, 6000 years ago – it is sometimes as ‘green-blue’ and sometimes as green-yellow, but there is always a green color to it.

And then at that point, they talk about “bending the flame”, with intention, you turn ‘flame’ (up) to the ‘third eye’ so it looks up actually), you turn it, so it looks into the direction of the third eye point, and then

Through a certain meditative state, the green light turns into a ‘spiral’, or concentric rings, and it links with the pituitary, and then

You look through it to the other end, in which point a halo forms around your head, which is scientifically documented and that is … at that moment, whatever you dream in your heart, becomes reality, and that image passes out to the outer edge, not in the body,

Stanford University has been trying to find a neurological link and they can’t find any, because it is not in the body, it’s on the outside.

It moves in over the toroidal fields that are outside, they are electromagnetic fields, and then it comes in to the point, first projects around the head, and then projects around the body, and so,

If you were to dream an image, it becomes the reality that the entire universe now lives in, and so … it can create out of nothing.

When you created from that way, there is no one in the universe who knows it has happened, except YOU – or a group, if there is a group of people that have been doing it – because it changes everything.

It changes past, present and future. and all trace of the old way will no longer exist, it is just like changing the channel on the tv, it is just not there anymore.”

“.. and slowly we are going to enter into another way. We have always known that the way that it will be created is always a ‘good’ way, because the heart will never do anything that is detrimental to anything else, because the heart knows – all life is one.

It never thinks in polarity, it never thinks me and you outside it always thinks of ways that is good for all life anywhere.”

“Polarity is to be dissolved away. We will not have access to it.

The reason to why we would not have access to it, is because in order for polarity to exist, there has to be an electromagnetic grid around the Earth, and that grid is about to be taken away from the planet, and

The only access you will have is, to the Old Way which is Unity, which is the one that the indigenous people are on, or the New Way which is a higher level of unity grid, you are going to be in one of those two, because there is not going to be one in the middle.

And so when one set of the grid is dropped, which is soon, we are waiting for all the indigenous people to tell us when this will be, but when that happens, the world is only going to move forward in a positive and beautiful way, and negativity will only be a memory and that is about all.

I know I am kind of stepping ‘out there’,

Because I am ‘predicting’ things which are pretty outrageous, but

My Teachers all over the world, and the indigenous people I work with, are all in unison at this moment, they are all saying, go, do it, say it, go for it, because it is going to happen … and I believe them.”

Do YOU? (— Bob)

“You just have to breathe and stay connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky and not worry about anything, no matter how it looks.

From ‘my tribe’ in New Mexico, they tell us about this time.

They say, when the world starts changing, that is, when a lot of people get worried and things get a little bit crazy, and they say: just go inside, close the windows and just relax and breathe, and, it will all pass, and then the light and everything will begin enter in.

They know this, so much of the Old World, of the Ancient World know, is really aware, of what is happening …. we are the last ones to know…”


Drunvalo Melchizedek – 2008

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