Cryptic Cobra Communique, with Comments

I really enjoy Cobra’s dramatic presentation of this latest coded cryptic communique to those in what he calls “The Resistance Movement.” And I love reading through the commentary it has inspired, noting three possible “interpretations” of what it all might mean . . .

An epistemological reminder: to focus on trying to figure out which single way of viewing something is the “correct” one limits our vision to a single point in a sea of infinite space. Focus instead on the space. Be at one with the space within which points pop in and out of “reality” depending on where we place our attention . . .

Above all, expand, expand, while remaining grounded in this dear good Earth . . .

The Plan

July 11, 2012

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ShadowlightJuly 11, 2012 3:41 PM

My sense is that Cobra means to be cryptically encouraging here. He knows the question on everyone’s mind – “what’s the plan?”

And so he titles his message: The Plan.

The first image is from the film, “The Matrix” – digital ones and zeroes, blue-lit against a black background, flowing endlessly in a mind-enslaving code of illusion – a metaphor for the cabal. The second image is unequivocal – “there is a way to hack the matrix.”

“Mission Ignition” is simply, to me, a two-word message meaning it has begun or is about to. The video url is not relevant to his message.

The unprecedented industrial-strength hacking of high-roller accounts last week (dubbed by the UK’s cyber-security chief as at an “astonishing” level of breadth and depth) was claimed by Cobra as the alliance doing a test run on their ability to “hack the matrix.”

Thus this message is essentially saying – “we are taking down the cabal’s financial system from within, and will strip them bare.”

Then….Mission Ignition – and a peaceful flowering of prosperity…so we hope.

At least, that’s my take.



  • yep, interesting interpretation Shadowlight, makes good sense and seems indeed to be a reference to the hacking recently and potentially soon to be repeated, which brings in a new economic system 🙂

    Maybe another interpretation – a bit more simplistic -might be that it is a graphic illustration of the COBRA compression breakthrough of the Event:

    1st image is the action from above of the positive ET forces with their electric blue light from the Galactic Core.

    2nd image – the surface of the earth = the Matrix

    3rd image – underground Resistance & Agarthan forces rising up and being activated.

    And now for the timing …. well … guess that’s anyone’s guess right now. Only the Source knows for sure 🙂

    First of all , let me apologize for my sloppy corespondents. Typing is a torture for me, because my right hand gets numb. And because of that, I spend 4 times more time on typing than you do.

    Now , this is my version of decoding today’s message. This is what I think…
    Picture #1- The Cosmic Computer, the Matrix is clean and it’s running smoothly. The Divine Plan is in FULL progress. (I do not why or how, but I got this idea as soon as I took a look on it).
    Picture #2-“There is a way to hack the matrix…”
    And you see the hypnotizing, mighty eyes of a KING COBRA, with a crown on its head.
    I remembered Cobra saying something very important about the cobra IMAGE. So I went back, and found it. Here it is from April 22nd, titled “Dispelling the Fears”, under the “Illuminati symbols” he wrote: “Next time you see a SYMBOL of cobra do not think about it as a symbol for Reptilian race but rather as a SYMBOL of KUNDALINI, the mysterious FORCE of ENLIGHTEMENT” ( WOOOOOW!!)
    Picture #3- First of all it is very beautiful. Second of all, I did not recall ever seeing it before.
    And it gives us the message, “Mission – Ignition”. I think it is our Milky Way galaxy with a spinning center, The Source, the Godhead, surrounded by sparkly, spinning stars. The galaxy has 12 “arms”, which could represent the 12 dimensions, or the 12 zodiac signs. It also looks like a FULLY activated MERKABA with 5 twinkling beacones. This could also, be The Flower of Life… So, once again, I took a look for a clue in his previous intels. And this is what I found from April 8, “Compression Breakthrough”, where he states. “Cobra is a codename for compression breakthrough. …Light forces of the Resistance Movement are advancing from the under ground up towards the surface of the planet. When Light from above and Light from below meet right on the surface of the planet, this is the compression breakthrough. That occurance is called THE E V E N T . The Event includes, but is not limited to MASS ARRESTS of the cabal. Rather it is a multidimensional trigger event that starts the process of ENTERING into the long-awaited Golden Age”. Aaaaah haaa!!!!

    I wish this is true…. I hope, very soon we all will hear the good news.
    But before that, keep on doing whatever is that we should do together- pray for the protection of our Light Warrior sisters and brothers.


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