NASA airbrushed photos of structures on the back side of the Moon

You probably already know (or suspect) this. But for those who don’t, thanks to

Part 2 is particularly interesting, but both are well worth watching/hearing.

From my notes:

Dr. Johnson tells Rense he was “dumbfounded,” when he walked in a room 45 years ago to see technicians “painting” on the recently received films of the back side of the Moon. These were films that he had already seen. The next day, he checked to see what they had obliterated, or fuzzed out . . .

He asked an official, what about the structures that were in the photos? The official turned to him, winked, and said, “there was never anything there.” (I paraphrase.)

For Johnson and Rense, the question comes up: are these structures and flying objects and shadows ET, or are they human, part of some kind of black ops advanced space technology program that, to this day, we still know nothing about.

Me: or both: human-made, via back-engineered ET technologies.

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