Gift Economy is 5th Dimensional

Last night our Gift Circle met, and among other things, Chris got a size 11 pair of leather boots. Thanks, Mary! He was amazed. They were his size, and exactly what he had decided he needed to work in his garden. Wild! And Christine brought in hundreds of seams that she had torn out of old clothes, to help tie up tomato plants. Anne and I each grabbed some, marveling at their variety and beauty.

Another member describes the benefits of our four-month old Gift Circle in a school paper he’s just turned in to Goddard College:

“So far I have been gifted an awesome haircut, car rides, an ice cream maker, a candle holder, a sourdough bread starter, a desk, a dresser, linux advice and lessons on how to crochet. And I have given dandelion roots to make dandelion coffee, Ciclovida dvd’s, lawn service, garden help, books, handmade soap, a stainless steel water bottle, and upcoming help growing mushroom logs. It’s a wonderful thing to have needs met and meet needs without the use of money. The way the gifting circle works is that we all meet up at someone’s house share food potluck style then go around the circle and each of us has a chance to say what we are thankful for, what we have to give and offer and what some of our current or long term needs are. Very often the needs and offers will overlap. The reciprocity of the circle is important but there is no specific expectation for it. The exchanges also can spread outside of the circle, if someone has a specific need someone within the circle might know a friend able to help. In this way the circle can spread and involve more people than those present in the room. One of the biggest impacts of the circle is probably the strong social relations which develop between the people who participate in the circle. The relationship that develops is not that of supplier and consumer but that of friend.”

Segue now to this article, exactly the kind of economic thinking we need to be doing as we begin to let go of our narrow, clinging, terrified tit-for-tat mentality that jigs us all into dualistic mindsets competing with others for what we perceive as not enough. While the author goes on to frame his thinking within a “coming collapse” scenario, to me this possible scenario is not a given, and indeed, not necessary for us to appreciate 5th dimensional economics.

Do we “expect renumeration” from the very point in the infinite universe to which we sent our energy? Or do we simply live, and love, and glow, our unique nature forever expressing and interacting as one within the oceanic plenum in which we all live and move and have our being. That’s the choice. The first attitude is 3D, the second, 5D.

Frankly, I “figured this out” decades ago. Not because I’m “lucky,” but because I saw through the rules and roles that define conditioned humans in western so-called “civilization.” It’s a matter of attitude towards life. See “enough,” and we expand into flowing abundance. See “not enough,” and we contract into rigid paralysis, woodenly working and reworking “jobs” that lost their luster as soon as we figured them out. In order for us to even begin to change this sorry world, we will need to recognize that our lives, when allowed, continue to unfold, not repeat; that they blaze forth miracles, not dole out sameness; that they offer endless possibilities at every turn, once we take the first step, without looking back.

Shifting into 5th+ Dimensional Economics

July 8, 2012

by Green Leopard


Our current economic system is based on the following premise: That the point into which we place our energy must also be the precise point from which we receive our remuneration, with profit or interest of course. In other words, if I do a job for or invest money in you, then it must be from you that I receive payment or profit. Or, if I input time and energy at point A, even though there are also points B through to Z in my reality, it must be from point A that I receive my returns. In an unlimited universe such a perceptual stance requires ongoing manipulation, massive control, and of course, endless manufacture to generate payments and returns at these pre-determined points of input.

This is what is called ‘a closed economic system’. We may also call this approach ‘3rd/4th dimensional economics’. Such a closed economic system is the consequence of an awareness that can not perceive the unified whole, and therefore confines its activities to interacting with fragmented pieces thereof. This is the economy of accumulation and consumption. I make a ‘contract’ with you, and consequently my capacity to receive a return from elsewhere is ‘contracted’. A closed system functions from fear of lack, separation anxiety, and is driven by the insecurities of living according to the dictates of ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘mine’, and of ‘you’, ‘them’, and ‘yours’. In other words, personal possession is everything in a closed economic system.

People assume that in the next few months, as our current economic system completely collapses, we shall likely return to barter mentality, or something like that. This is looking backward, not forward. Barter is the beginning stages of the 3rd/4th dimensional economics – still a state of ‘mine and yours’ – of ‘what I have that can get me something from you’. Barter mentality is still the, ‘I do this for you and so that you do that for me’ consciousness. It is conditional and therefore also a closed economic system. Barter comes before the current economic consciousness of ‘wanting’ because it is usually based of the consciousness of ‘needing’. It is still an economy based on possession and possessing, on giving to get, and therefore on personal accumulation. It still possesses us.

It is extremely challenging for a species functioning in a closed economy to perceive beyond it. We are perceptually possessed by such a system. We are born into it. As it begins to fail, we therefore try to prop it up, and to in some way fix or rescue it. Or else we expect an apocalyptic scenario in which ‘returning to caveman or barter reality’ is considered a possibility. However, this is not what is happening on planet earth right now, though some of that will be the experience of people who are resistant to the consciousness overhaul.

What is happening is we are moving into a 5th dimensional frequency, the Fifth World spoken of by our indigenous brothers and sisters, one in which systems that are not aligned with infinite possibility, be they political, economic, or religious, cannot manifest. And so, as the shift happens those without this integrity collapse.

5th dimensional economics functions on the following premise: That the point into which we place our energy is only one of the infinite possible points of our experience from which we are able to receive remuneration, in a manner to meet all our requirements. In other words, if I do something for you, it does not have to be from you that I receive what I require. I don’t do for you to get from you. Or, if I put in time and energy and point A, I do so knowing that points B through to Z in my reality are all open portals through which my efforts may be appreciated. I therefore function from an awareness that knows that when energy is placed unconditionally into any aspect of creation via my intent, thought, or action, it returns an abundance into my experience, blessing all my requirements, and that this can happen from anywhere and everywhere.

This is what is called ‘an open economic system’. We may also call this approach ‘5th+ dimensional economics’. An open economic system is the natural consequence of an awareness that experientially perceives the unified whole, and therefore knows that whenever it is interacting with any part of creation, it does so in constant communion with all of it. In the 5th dimension we know that divine universal intelligence is consistently aware of our presence and practices. We therefore live in the consciousness of ‘creativity’ opposed to ‘manufacture’, and of ‘requirement’ as opposed to ‘wanting’. To know the difference between a want and a requirement is great wisdom. An open economic system honors the consciousness of ‘us’, as opposed to ‘my and mine’. It is a creative service-to-all orientated momentum. The greedy cannot perceive it, let alone comprehend the simplicity of it. In other words, in the 5th dimension, giving unconditionally of our creative potential is the cornerstone of effortlessly receiving everything we require to explore our creative potential ongoing.

Why this can be so difficult for us to get our heads around – although the heart gets it immediately – is because there is another intrinsic difference between 3rd/4th dimensional economics and the 5th+; the former requires externalized organizational governance, while the latter is inner-driven and overseen by an invisible, universal intelligence. 3rd/4thdimensional economies require government authorities, legal institutions, economic policies, and so on. In 5thdimensional economy, universal intelligence keeps tabs on everything – as it does anyway.

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