Video: Moving into Harmony

As of this day, 2,736,772 people have already watched this youtube video from June 20, 2012. How many were able to watch without tearing up? And what does that tell you? Think we’ve got critical mass (for transformation) yet?

Oh I do, I do.

Clearly, what is necessary is to move below language, below enculturation, below all that divides us into motion. Bodies in harmonic motion, all one, mirroring the intent of consciousness.

Having badly “danced” his way through 100 countries, self-described deadbeat Matt Harding of Seattle has released his fourth “Where the Hell is Matt?” video with a key difference: From doing a goofy dance alone in iconic places, he has evolved to the collective act of dancing, from Egypt to Mongolia to Gaza to North Korea, with the people who live there. En route, he raises money for groups from Generation Rwanda to Haitian Relief to Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children. Intoxicating.

From “About Matt”:

“(At first) he mostly just danced in front of iconic landmarks, but along the way he went to a country called Rwanda, and since there aren’t any landmarks in Rwanda that you’d want to dance in front of, instead he just went to a small village and danced with a bunch of kids. The kids joined him immediately and without hesitation. That ended up being the best thing that happened to him on the trip. The kids taught him that people are a whole lot more interesting than old landmarks and monuments.

Matt used to think you were either good at something or bad at something and there wasn’t much you could do to change it. He wishes he’d learned sooner that you can get better at most things just by doing them over and over again. It really is that simple.

Matt thinks travel is important. It helps us learn what we’re capable of, that the path laid in front of us isn’t the only one we can choose, and that we don’t need to be so afraid of each other all the time.

Matt would like to see the Transportation Security Administration disbanded and replaced with a new system that doesn’t train people to mindlessly obey pointless rules. He believes brief conversations with well-trained humans who make direct eye contact would be a better way to keep people safe without sacrificing their dignity and liberty.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Make that 2,736,773. Thank you for sharing this, Ann. I will do my part to spread its grand message far and wide…”maybe I’m not a misanthrope,” she thinks, wiping away tears….

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