Ommigod. A Real Alternative? Rocky Anderson for President?

Why have I never heard of this man, a former two-term mayor of Salt Lake City, and presidential candidate for the “Justice Party.” Is he for real?

Here’s his website:

Here’s one view of him:

Rocky Anderson: A Man in His Own Words

Here he is on The Young Turks

Cenk: “But how are you going to win, taking only $100 or less? How can you overcome these insane odds?”

“We can do this if we hang together and don’t cave into our fear of being a spoiler for the lesser of two evils, if we say we’re going to choose another, radically different way, where our government will actually stand up and promote the interests of the people of this country, rather than the corporate interests who have bought our country and the White House.”

Ralph Nader and the New Mexico Independent Party have also endorsed him.

Check Anderson out. And please, don’t cave in to our (very understandable) cynicism.

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