Ram Das: “this moment is your vehicle for awakening”

As I prepare to again go be with my family in Seattle, now attending our 96-year-old father’s extended dying process, this little video springs into view. . .

From my notes:

“working on myself in the presence of the dying . . .”

“seeing the divine plan made manifest again . . .”

“identifying with the blue sky rather than the cloud . . .”

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  1. Susan Knilans says:

    Coincidentally at this time, I am sitting with an old friend at the deathbed of her husband. He is in the final stages of leave-taking. His process is very much a vehicle for the awakening of all of us who sit in vigil with him. Fear, awe, self-consciousness, anger, shame, humility, amazement—it is all there sitting at his bedside.

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