Kauilapele on Colorado fires, etc. DITTO!

Update: Check out the comment below this piece from “Calliope the Muse,” and then go do what she suggests, read the post in her blog where she — pardon my French, but this is what comes up for me to say — basically rips John Kettler a new one. Fueled by her own experience of life in Colorado, Calliope couples hard-headed evidence with logic and common sense. Her teachers would be proud of how this grrrl, probably a rebel, turned out! Really terrific, Calliope, thanks.

Really appreciate this post from kauilapele — especially given dueling interpretations by Cobra and John Kettler — just google ’em both. I’m tired of providing links!

So much is going on, and our brains have been so feverishly ignited by the mental and physical heat, that just as soon as one interpretation of what we falsely delimit as a certain segment of the 3D illusion we are accustomed to call reality goes online it then blinks out, to be replaced, or recontextualized, by another and another and yet another. We aim to catch all these reasons, feelings, ways of looking at this or that, and hold ’em, catch and hold, catch and hold, — but then, where to put them? How to stuff them away — and why? — when so many more are continuously rolling in from all directions.

And furthermore, so what? As my late great husband, Jeff Joel, used to say to me, and sternly, when I’d get all worked up about this or that, “Now Ann, is this something you personally can so something about? If not, let it go.”

Once again, I remind myself to breathe, just breathe. All will be well. All is well, in the infinitely vaster “scheme” of “things.”

My last post (probably) about all these fires and outages and this one says this and that one says that . . .

July 4, 2012

by kauilapele


[UPDATE 1515 HST: Here is a note from an “AK” (click to see their website) about “chimneys”, about which I know very little.AK says, “Not all chimneys are brick or stone. Many are wood frame with a sheet metal insert, a very hot fire will melt sheet metal. I think we need to find out from someone who lives there if the chimney was wood frame or stone. That would clarify the chimney question. The chimney on my condo is wood frame, everything is wood frame in california due to earthquake codes.” Thank youAK (now who could that “AK” be???).]

Having done a tad or two of scientific work, I’ve found that observation is a most valuable tool. So, when I “observated” these photos from John Kettler’s recent article, I was struck by the difference.

From this site you see a photo of the results of a “standard”, run of the mill type, forest fire. Notice the still standing chimneys, and burned (brown) grass.

From this site, you see in picture 22 (at the time I looked; that number might change as more photos are added), you see one of the results of the Colorado “fires”. Notice the white, pulverized material, and essentially nothing else is burned. And forget about chimneys. As my Grandpa would say, “There ain’t none.”

This looks like a 9-11 type of pulverization. John K. says the ETs/EDs (and remember, his ETs/EDs seem to be the no nonsense, “kick-a$$” kind) are documenting all of this so those who caused this can be attended to. So even though Cobra said this (no HAARP or other technology involved, just the Galactic sun energies), and I “got” in an earlier postthat there was something like HAARP or something else involved. And my observation of the photos above (which are someone else’ aerial observations), says, well, could be everything mentioned (HAARP, Galactic Sun, and who knows what else) was involved.

I’m posting just the text of John’s article below (no photos or links). To see the full article, click the title below.


Colorado Fire–Forensic Specialist & ETs/EDs Expose Glaring Burn Pattern Anomalies

Read more…

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3 Responses to Kauilapele on Colorado fires, etc. DITTO!

  1. I just wrote a post about this on my blog. I read the original article (from Kettler) and got my “panties in a twist,” as I put it, about the article. I’m from Colorado, and there were a couple of major things about the Kettler article that were *way* off-base for me. I wanted to clear up what I could, not to discount that perhaps the “ankle-biters” were responsible in some way (that could be so), but his evidence and argumentation are so patently weak and utilize such faulty logic that I had to speak out with what I could see about that. Check it out — it might make you feel better and perhaps give more credence to the “it was likely natural” scenario instead of a “look how horrible things are getting” way. In any case, maybe you will recognize the holes in reasoning/evidence that I found, and will appreciate that. It just makes me get angry when there is really blatantly obvious disinfo going on and I had to write something about it.

    Anyway, I totally agree with you that the best thing to do is just breathe! 🙂 I really don’t believe that all of this 3D stuff is really what it is about. Sure, what happens in 3D is a sign things are shifting, but it is the greater shift I am trying to hold in heart & put all the rest in line with positive neutrality. Denise LaFay of the Transitions blog has really helped me with that. I’m mostly trying to be that beacon of light and stay very peaceful inside.

    But, this one really got me going to point out some obvious faults in the way information was presented and inclines me to believe it is a load of poo. (lol)

    Anne, can I also say how much I love your blog? I love the personal touch you put here, I love that your blog is not just re-postings of the same old stuff everywhere else. I love your intelligence, and it is really a joy to be connected.

    You hang in there, and remember to “put on your thinking cap” (as my teachers used to say) when it comes to this stuff. While I am not great at it, I am really starting to be able to weed through and figure out some of the helpful info versus the inciting and false info. It’s not easy for me (I mention this in the blog post). But this one just came so obviously out at me that even I was surprised! I thought to myself writing it, “Heyyyyyy, maybe I am kind-of left-brained logical and not just right-brained intuitive after all!” 😀

    Keep holding your wonderful light. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the compliments, and I will definitely check out this post on your blog. Thanks so very much! So good to be “hard-headed,” sometimes, eh?


      • You’re welcome. 🙂 And *yes* OMG it is hard to be hard-headed, lol! I am so naturally-inclined to be soft! But it is so necessary these days to come at things with a strong heart and strong mind, and really, if *I* can be hard-headed, then really *anyone* can be, hahaha!

        Oh and sorry — I stuck an “E” on your name. Feel free to edit, and my apologies! (I have a tricky name with spelling that way with my real name. It’s a common one that is usually spelled one way, but I spell it another! So I know what it is when people misspell. I’m glad I realized it. I won’t do it again! 😉 )

        Hope to see you at the post later on.
        Take care —

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