Mathew’s Message for July, 2012: “Because the energy momentum of world transformation cannot be slowed or detoured, stability will emerge out of all current turmoil.”

Was very glad to see this new monthly channeling, for it seems to me that Mathew is one of the more grounded of channeled beings!

Most of this message is very much in line with what I’ve been seeing and feeling and thinking. Mathew doesn’t go into current controversies, like that of the possible connection between western wildfires and east coast storm and power outages and why and how. Nor does he make a distinction between “arrests” and “containment.”

But he does reiterate his view that Obama is a high being who is under protection. And all sorts of other material that feels more plausible than a lot of other stuff out there. Especially loved his claim that, in meetings currently ongoing with earthlings in many disciplines and areas of human endeavor, ETs are entering the meetings looking like humans, then, during the meetings, changing into another form, and then back to human again. Needless to say, that kind of presentation might garner a certain unusual respect from the other attendees . . .

Arrests imminent; world leaders and ETs negotiating, attendees include Illuminati; areas of progress; Obama; everything based in darkness to cease by year end; interim reform initiation; changes after planet enters fourth density; reason for delay of ET landings; responsibilities to self


Along this line of “offenders,” it won’t be much longer until you know who has been arrested for crimes against humanity and other deeds that have adversely affected life on Earth. These individuals veered far afield from their soul contracts. Some will be convicted and others will die before coming to trial, but none will escape self-judgment. By the physics that governs life in this universe, throughout the life review process in Nirvana, they will feel exactly the same pain and anguish as did all those whose lives their diabolical deeds affected. This excruciating self-punishment process is beyond your capacity to imagine, and so is those individuals’ devolved capacity in their next incarnation.

37. Knowing what lies ahead for them and understanding that they are the weakest links in the eternal chain that is our soul family will let you more easily feel forgiveness. The high vibrations of forgiveness, like all other godly expressions, are soul growth in action.

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