Bill Brockbrader flexes his metaphysical muscles

Here are some excerpts from an internet radio interview posted today on Cosmic Vision News with Bill Brockbrader that lend give perspective to his call for massive passive resistance as a way to defeat the cabal.

To me, the way Brockbrader uses language (words, rhythm, tone) indicate his character — unusually honest, truthful, almost scary in his assessment of the essential goodness of humanity. Somehow, the purgatorial fires that he lived through, both in the military in the Mideast, and in his military and civilian incarcerations, have forged him into someone who, simply, cannot be broken by any outside force. (For his earlier experiences, see this.)

What his incarceration taught him

I guess the big thing that my incarceration did teach me and I’m able to show people is that the power of arrest is, I think, the last fear that we need to let go of before any kind of major change will take place.

Certainly I can say with the Occupy movement, though there were a lot of arrests during that time, not everybody was prepared to give up some moments of freedom to gain their complete freedom and exercise the changes. And I believe the term “freedom isn’t free” is what we’re kind of looking at right now.

And what I’m hoping to get people to understand is that the mass arrests do need to happen, one way or another. Either the mass arrest — either the military and the government law enforcement agencies uphold their oath and take charge of this situation as they promised to do when they started their employment, or the citizens of the country are going to take it in their hands, and they’re going to force the issue.

And I think everybody would agree with me that the criminal justice system does have a capacity, and that capacity is the amount of people that they can arrest, process and jail in one day. If there are more people willing to be arrested to protest and to exercise their First Amendment rights to petition their government, then they have a real problem. Because then, no more — no amount of arrests, no amount of riot gear, no amount of tear gas — no amount of anything can produce enough fear enough to back us down.

And so, this is kind of the final stepping stone — and Drake kind of paved the way, as well as Cobra, announcing this — the mass arrests need to be imminent, and I agree with that. I’m going to be showing people that, you know, getting arrested’s not such a big deal, if you put it in a broader perspective of fighting for your freedom. And when the powers that be realize that that’s the last thing that they had over us, to control us with fear, and now fear is gone, they’re going to have to come to the table, and they’re going to have to negotiate with 100 percent of the population. Because we have the control, we have the capacity to control our government, and we can show our government that we’re not afraid of what they can or cannot do to us.

On neutralizing false flags before they happen

And I think this year things are a little bit more real in the fact that today on the news Iran announced that they are drafting legislation to close the Straits of Hormuz. This is the Pearl Harbor of World War Three. Certainly in World War Two the embargo of Japan caused a reaction of the Japanese naval forces to bomb Pearl Harbor so they could break the embargo. It ended up being the worst mistake they ever made, but at the same time we now look back on it and realize that it was probably wholly preventable on our part, and we just kind of let it happen so we could get into the war.

Many people have spoken about a false flag event happening in the Straits of Hormuz. Foster Gamble in particular suggested that it would be the USS Enterprise. And I have to agree with him, that, you know, the destruction of the USS Enterprise, the aircraft carrier, would cause the US Government to be able to enact war against Iran.

What we need to realize is the same thing that we realize now with 9/11. World Trade Center Towers One and Two were due to be renovated and have all the asbestos removed out of those two buildings right before they were destroyed. It was very convenient that those buildings were destroyed so that they didn’t have to spend more than the cost that it took to construct those two buildings to remove the asbestos — much to the health costs of all of the people, the rescue workers and the clean-up crews that are now suffering from various cancers because of what they were doing and not told.

The same is for the USS Enterprise. It’s an old aircraft carrier, it’s due to be decommissioned after this cruise, and it’s full of radioactive material. It’s going to be very expensive to get rid of. What better way to cause a false flag and destroy an aircraft carrier that the government is otherwise going to have to spend millions and millions of dollars to decommission, when they can just radiate the Straits of Hormuz with it?

And I think everybody’s very aware of that fact. And the best way to prevent a false flag from happening is to have way too much public knowledge ahead of time. And so I’m going to be pushing this issue as hard and as fast as I can, because I believe that once the powers that be understand that we know the plan, we’re going to trump their game every time it’s their turn to make a move. They really have to start considering, “Why don’t we just throw in the towel? Maybe it won’t be so bad.”

And that’s what I’m hoping for with the mass arrests now, is that they realize that there’s somebody out there screaming, what’s going to happen if the mass arrests don’t go down?

On ETs and free will

BB: I would agree with that comment, because I do believe that we have galactic brothers and sisters out there looking out for us. But metaphorically speaking, you can’t teach an infant to walk by constantly carrying them. I believe that according to universal law we need to exercise our free will and show that we’re ready for this next step in the evolution of consciousness.

Now, when we do exercise our free will in accordance with universal law, the goal is met. Do the mass arrests necessarily need to happen for the [stuff? step?] to move forward? No. Because if we’re all ready to do what it takes to change the three dimensional environment that we exist in right now, that’s the parameter that really needs to be met, is free will, choice. Once everybody’s prepared to lay their freedom on the line, to change, the change will happen.

And it’s kind of like the last hurdle that we need to get over as far as our fear, because we do prevent this change happening because of fear. We get in fear, and our consciousness is creating the fear in the world. And as soon as we eliminate that fear, we’ve satisfied that requirement of universal law, by choosing peace.

Are mass arrests necessary?

I personally think that the mass arrests are real enough and maybe could happen, but at the same time, do I feel that they’re necessary for the kind of change that we need? No. I think it would be a giant waste of our time to focus on trials and convictions of people that are essentially our brothers and sisters. And once we realize that they were the force that showed us that there was a problem, so we could come up with the solution, we’ll understand that everybody had a role in this change that is necessary for humanity to realize their full potential.

And I think a good example of humanity having that realization is what happened in my particular situation with my release. Nobody thought I was getting out of jail prior to my trial. Absolutely blown away when people used their free will to literally get me out of jail. And, I mean, that’s something tangible that I can point to and say, “See? This is how powerful we are.” All this fear that our government tries to create in us, and we didn’t let it happen. They — we — I mean, thousands of people got together and trumped the fear of incarceration, and I was out, just that quick.

And when we do finally really flex our, you know, metaphysical muscle and show what kind of unique and special entities we are as a human race, then we can realize how important it is for us to join our galactic community and our universal community and not be focused on the silly little three dimensional things that we are.

So, I do believe in a much greater spectrum of what’s about to occur. And right now we’re just taking the first few, unsteady steps. Very soon we’ll be walking and running. And I don’t think anybody can really get their head wrapped around what that is going to look like. But it’s going to really fast from here on out, as soon as we break the bonds of the enslavement that we suffer ourselves to.

A.K.: Bill goes on to talk about new energy technologies that both he and others are working on. More.

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  1. Amy Zeta says:

    Bill was arrested and pled guilty of 3 charges of sexually abusing a 12 year old child. He had 30 months to create this crazy / false story . He was never a SEAL . The audio is available on the web. You can hear him in his own words tell the truth !!!!! He was arrested for not reg. as a sex offender and went back to federal prison for 30 months and 10 years parole and a 10 k fine. Maybe the fake SEAL team # 9 will pay it for him .

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