Drake vs. Brockbrader, which way forward? Neptune’s role in the Independence Day Drama

Update: see two notes below, which plop this post into a larger context . . .

First, this appetizer:

A new site, 2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com, promoted by Jean Haines, who is taking some time off, has given me this info:

There now appears to be a fundamental split between Drake and Bill Brockbrader, re: what they both seem to agree is the failure of the military to make those predicted “mass arrests” (but see notes below)— and what to do now.

Drake, on his fb page today, says go git yr guns.

Bill Brockbrader, on the other hand, argues, persuasively, for passive resistance. Yet it’s the usual dilemma: only if enough of us do it, will we bring the system down. In this case, if there are enough of us willing to risk arrest, there’s no way the justice system could process all of us.

Whatever happens, do know that the Independence Day parade is going to go on for awhile.

After I put up the post about Mars, and its interaction with Uranus/Pluto, I watched the Bill Brockbrader video (see above article, for some reason it won’t load here).


With this, as I was doing yoga, my thoughts flew to Neptune, its passage through its home sign of Pisces, from April 2012 through 2025. How Neptune dissolves ego boundaries. How we are all going to feel ourselves, eventually, swimming as a single, unified species, in the vast cosmic sea.

It seems to me that, just as global meditations, a very Neptunian phenomenon, are having their effect, so could Brockbrader’s call for collective passive resistance in the face of arrest. The key is trust. Trust in our own capacity for surrender to the one, the present moment, and to each other as unique, necessary, differentiated cells in the sounding body of humanity.

And then I thought about the current position of Neptune, the planet of dreams, visions, empathy, unconditional love, which is now at 2° Pisces, 150° from Mars as it begins its passage through Libra. Neptune’s alignment with Mars is a subtle whisper:

“Hey Mr. testosterone! Please, not only do you need to take a hint from diplomatic Libra, but do explore the idea of diffusing your thrusting energy by surrendering to love, the love that holds us all, the love that powers the universe, the love that is so much more potent than you, dear proud Mars, could ever be; the love that, once we become one with that mysterious, universal, infinite mystery, once we learn how to flow with its self-organizing dance, we will be able to dissolve all our current conflicts into oneness.”

In other words, when you put Neptune in the mix with Mars/Uranus/Pluto, and you certainly can, and I just did, then the extended Independence Day drama may develop within an atmosphere transformed by the power of Love into something never before seen.

Let’s intend that this short (ca July 3-9)) alignment of Neptune with Mars sets up the extended Independence Day Drama to move in the direction of Love.

Note: According to Steve Beckow, Archangel Michael says the arrests have been taking place, since June 25th.

Another note: the very next instant after I published this post, I read from Steve Beckow, that the post from Drake is faked. Having fun yet? In any case, the polarity between violence and non-violence is very real, and very pressing.

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2 Responses to Drake vs. Brockbrader, which way forward? Neptune’s role in the Independence Day Drama

  1. Deb says:

    Ann, on Drake’s site, http://americannationalmilitia.com/2012/06/green-light/, the message has not changed. Still the original from 6/28. http://formerwhitehat.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/mass-arrests-update-a-tale-of-two-clones/ has a couple of Facebook messages supposedly from Drake. Since his own website hasn’t changed, I think we’re facing a fake Drake trying to stir up trouble. My .02!

    • Thanks, Deb. Yes, I was alerted to this as well, and told my readers to “see notes below.” It’s the final note. I think I’ll also update the site so that’s more obvious. Thanks for your alertness!

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