Cobra: strange weather events not HAARP-related. “The cabal is not that powerful anymore.”

Cobra weighs in. Interesting. Hope he’s right. Even so, the conjunction of Colorado and D.C. events, mirroring “earthquake” events in both places last August, feels synchronous, not to mention portentous. If not HAARP or other human-made skullduggery, then perhaps divine intervention? (Meaning, probably, ET-intervention?)

I can remember when my late father-in-law, Amos Joel, cell phone pioneer and an electrical engineer, talked about how the electrical infrastructure of the eastern part of the U.S. was in dire need of an upgrade. That was over a dozen years ago.

Galactic Central Sun Activity

July 3, 2012

The storms, heatwaves, satellite disruptions and power outages of this weekend are a direct result of increased Sun activity. This is a milder version of the famous Carrington Event, which was a solar superstorm that hit our planet back in 1859:

Inside that National Geographic article you can read:

“The eastern half of the U.S. is particularly vulnerable, because the power infrastructure is highly interconnected, so failures could easily cascade like chains of dominoes.”

Our Sun directly responds to the Galactic pulse. Galactic pulse is a period of increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun which happens every 26,000 years:

Now we are in a period of this increased Galactic Sun activity and we may expect events similar to what happened this weekend during the rest of 2012, but no drastic cataclysms or polar shifts will happen as some people are afraid.

Our Sun is a multidimensional stargate that transmits the energies from the Galactic Central Sun towards our planet. Positive ET races direct and regulate these energies in a way that is most beneficial to our planet and humanity. These energies assist in removal of non-physical Archons and heal quantum anomaly that is surrounding our planet. They also bring to the surface everything that was hidden and will soon expose all actions of the Cabal in a way that will be very evident to everyone and the dark ones will have nowhere to hide.

So the events of the last few days are not a result of HAARP or artificial weather modification as many would like to believe. The Cabal is not that powerful anymore.

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2 Responses to Cobra: strange weather events not HAARP-related. “The cabal is not that powerful anymore.”

  1. No, they’re a result of global warming. Did you forget?

    • Or, east coast storm may have been EMP. See new post. Cobra might be wrong. Plus, PTB may be utilizing global warming events to amp up terror. Who knows?

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