Destruction in Colorado and Washington, D.C.: Connected? And if so, why?

Update: Please see comment below.

Remember way back when in August, 2011, the “earthquakes” in first Colorado, then, 24 hours later, in the Washington, D.C. metro area that may or may not have wiped out Deep Underground Military Bases?

Well, now we have, first in Colorado, devastating fires that killed two people; then, like a one-two punch, a great “derecho” (straight-line wind) that toppled trees, took out electricity, and killed at least 10 people in Ohio and parts east, most notably, the Washington, D.C. metro area.

I was talking with my son Colin on the phone this morning, and we admitted that we have each been suspicious of these massively destructive (HAARP?) weather-related events, and tend to see them as both related, and as covers for something else.

Especially, I told him, in view of the possible “Event” (“mass arrests” of the cabal) to be performed, according to Drake and Co (see this, this, and this) by the “positive military” which would then, in the form of the National Guard, be logically employed in both places, and no one would suspect that they might be there for purposes other than protecting property and keeping the peace.

And now comes a new John Kettler post, in which he gives his very interesting and provocative ET/ED intel re: the Colorado fires. I await a similar post from him on the “derecho” that hit Washington, D.C.!

Once again, I have no idea what the “truth” is. Or, to be more precise, I should say here’s one possible time-line that, if magnified by being collectively shared and “believed,” could turn into the dominant one. In any case, I sense that, whatever we can imagine is in some parallel reality or other, “true.” So, as usual, it’s up to us to concretize the time-line (the “reality”) that we prefer.

Colorado Fire = Cabal Arson, Fraud & Murder, Say ETs/EDs

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7 Responses to Destruction in Colorado and Washington, D.C.: Connected? And if so, why?

  1. Sky Watch Map might help start a public dialogue in a public that seems unable to comprehend the magnitude of the conspiracy involving Chemtrails.

    Peace and Conflict Resolution.Org, which I serve on, just sponsored an all volunteer non-profit interactive, open source map called “Sky Watch Map” for Chemtrail reporters. We’re hopeful the map at will start being used by chemtrail video posters, Facebook and Twitters. A new Tutorial link on its use was set up yesterday.

  2. Pamela says:

    Why the connection indeed!
    This link and this story is important.
    My daughter lives in Lynchburg VA and experienced both of these strange occurrences (the earthquakes and the latest storm).
    My daughter – not given to conspiracy theories – is upset, angry, and suspicious right now. She feels there is more to the story that people are not being told. Both times, she has expressed her frustration that she feels there is something else going on.
    The earthquakes in August of last year hit in both locations the same day with the east coast epicenter 80 miles outside of WDC but felt in MA? (Colorado 5.3 and Virginia 5.8).
    This last incident this weekend – such a LONG, LONG “storm” (it covered over 200 + miles – from Washington D.C. to W.Va and happened at the same time across that stretch of land?)
    She told me at the time it hit, the sky was clear with a slight breeze. There was no rain, no thunder, no lightning, no warning…
    Suddenly, she heard a loud sound, like an enormous car door slamming. Within a minute or two, it was over. The huge, healthy oak tree in the front yard split completely in two. No lightning. The bark was peeled. They never did get a drop of rain and still have not.
    It took out all of the old oaks and young trees in their yard and the neighbors’ yard, tearing down power lines and totalling cars.
    Lynchburg weather is saying it was not a tornado, yet there is a swatch of bare trail through the forest area behind their house…
    Very odd.

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