Update: To Drake or not to Drake . . .

I see where David Icke has turned his considerable powers of scorn on to Drake’s supposed “Green Light” — which, frankly, makes me want to protect Drake!

Odd. Why should I feel that way? Because I feel the man is deeply sincere, and that even though he may or may not be an unwitting cabal tool used to spread disinfo and confusion during a time when all of humanity longs to be set free from this imprisoned planet, he deserves respect and recognition as a human being.

David Icke knows what scorn feels like. I’m surprised he chooses to use it.

Besides, Drake might be right!

And even if he is wrong, no matter. It’s all good. It’s all “just an experience” as David Icke intones, in video after video. It’s all “just a ride,” as Bill Hicks would say.

Here is Drake’s latest, finally, written down rather than drawled. Much easier for me to take in this way. It appears to dovetail with cobra’s latest missive. And with Salusa‘s and other channels’ latest messages. Wow! Is the cabal that good at orchestrating deceit, if it be such? Perhaps. Or not.

The point is, rather than sitting around, waiting to be liberated, let’s be proactive. Start where we are. Look around. What needs to be done in your own psyche, in your home, in your personal relations with dear ones, in your neighborhood, your town? Get local, get real, get a life!

Me, for example, I started this blog, and a Gifting Circle, and I run the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden; right now during late afternoons I clean and organize my cool basement during an extended 104° heat wave, and, this summer, I am deeply engaged with my seven siblings as we incubate our dear aged parents’ birthing/deathing processes.

Result: I feel fully engaged, creating the future I want to see as the rotten old past continues to crumble into dust around me.

On yeah, one more: I am the proud mother of Colin, who talked about a magic wand as a child, and who has used that wand to invent that wonderful product, the Garden Tower, destined to help people grow their own food all over the world.

Yep! Not waiting for anybody, anywhere to tell me that I’m free, I’m a human being, I’m a cosmic citizen, I’m a lover, deliriously alive and and surrendered to this immense, glorious, bloody universe shot through with supernal light.

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  1. Ann,
    Speaking of doing something…a dear friend and I were inspired by Sheldon Nidle’s June 26, 2012 channeling of the Ascended Masters. (https://paoweb.com/sn062612.htm)
    “We have been blessing Mother Earth and all her peoples daily. We ask that you join us in this divine activity. You have been doing this mostly at random, and what we now ask is for you to come together and freely choose a time for a wave of blessing intended to each day encircle the globe. Use your wonderful synergy to determine a time for this, and then begin this powerful practice. As you start on this, we will join in with you. This blessing is from all our hearts. Let us use this to bring peace and joy to all. This magnificent energy can unify all of us to manifest a new and sacred Way for Mother Earth! Heaven is giving us a divine plan that frees us from the dark’s reign and returns us to full consciousness. Let us be in praise of the Light and its infinite wonders!”
    We came together and put up a call to meditate everyday, except Sunday (Cobra’s meditation is on Sunday) @ 12:00 noon in every time zone. So that there is a rolling wave of blessing that encircles the planet. This is the link to the meditation request http://dailyworldmeditation.wordpress.com/
    I know people meditate everyday. For me and perhaps for others it is more powerful to know at this time in the day there are other in my timezone joining with me in helping to liberating the planet.
    Thank you for all the loving work you are doing.

  2. Greg says:

    What about this source that also confirms what Drake, Cobra and Salusa are saying. He says that it is happening but will take several weeks:


    I don’t know the credibility of this source, but they seem very remarkable information that confers with the studies I have been following about are sovereign unalienable rights.

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