Julian Assange, appreciated, continues wikileaks work: Interview with Chomsky and Tarik Ali

It’s heartwarming to know that the world’s peoples have Assange’s back as he continues his groundbreaking wikileaks work while awaiting Ecuador’s decision on asylum. This new Assange interview on RT with two leftist intellectual and activist elders held some welcome surprises for me, especially concerning South America.

(Aside: for perspective on the soul-full humanity of Chomsky, see this moving memoir in Salon: When Chomsky Wept.)

Did you know that there are no American bases in any South American country? Considering that there are over 700 American bases world-wide (not counting the hundred in the U.S. that we know about, or God only knows how many underground bases that we don’t), that is a significant, and welcome hole in the globalist imperial enterprise. Both elders expressed their recognition that the feeling in South America is significantly different than it was a decade ago. Except for Chile, Columbia and Mexico, South American countries are acting like free, sovereign nations, not under the dictatorial, militaristic U.S. thumb. Let’s hope this independence fever is catching!

10,000 messages back Assange’s asylum in Ecuador

Ecuadorian authorities announced Tuesday that Ecuador’s embassies in the US and UK have received over 10,000 messages in support of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange’s bid for political asylum in the country.

“Thousands of people asking the Ecuadorian government to accord asylum to Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, sent a steady stream of messages saying why they support him,” stated Ecuador’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Assange took refuge in London’s Ecuadorian embassy on June 19, in an ongoing attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden. Assange maintains that accusations of sexual assault against him therein are politically motivated attempts to silence his work in governmental transparency.

Assange awaits a response from Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who responded to his request saying they must first “analyze the judicial process in Sweden” and that “these things take time. It’s not that simple.”

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1 Response to Julian Assange, appreciated, continues wikileaks work: Interview with Chomsky and Tarik Ali

  1. Why must a man lose his life for exposing corruption and evil, when those who are exposed ought to be standing trial for murder?

    Why should they be permitted to hide behind their convenient, blanket catch-cry, “in the interests of national security”?

    Are we a ‘global village’, as we pretend to be, or do we remain a world of petulant, greedy, enemies with hidden agendas?

    If not Julian Assange, who else? Sooner or later, corruption, like dirty oil, will float to the surface to be seen by all. It’s a fact of life. The world needs more people like Julian Assange.

    The truest sense of the Aquarian Age has always been about exposing evil and bringing justice and freedom for all, rather than the airy-fairy, namby-pamby mumbo jumbo it mostly regurgitates under it’s ‘New Age’ petticoats.

    Julian Assange, if no one else, epitomizes the backbone of the Aquarian Age; the truth at all costs.

    It’s time the world woke up. Protect good men like Julian Assange. Punish, and cast out, the corrupt.

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