What’s REAL homeland security?

For those who wonder why I spend so much time with the GANG garden (Green Acres Neighborhood Garden) and the community that is coalescing around it, when my Sagittarian heart and soul are more easily sunk into abstract ideas via this blog, it’s because I know that I need to get real myself; yep, to walk my talk. So. What’s real homeland security?

Back in the late ’70s, during my brief storybook marriage to my high school boy friend in our home town, I couldn’t help but visualize all our silly, carefully tended and watered suburban front lawns turning into one long continuous wheat field. That was prior to permaculture, before I learned the necessity of polyculture and of shared neighborly efforts. But hey, I learned! And the GANG garden — land dedicated for use by the public on my private property — is now in its fourth growing season.

Of course my philosophical Sagittarian self likes to draw general conclusions from particular cases, so here goes, this one after my own heart.

Here’s what we really need to do with our suburban front yards.

If you get out there and start to make a garden, just try and stop neighbors from slowing down in their cars, walking on by, talking with you, telling you how, asking you questions, offering you tools, seedlings, asking to trade your tomatoes for their peppers. To start a front yard garden is to re-engage community, automatically.

Localize localize localize!

And if you live in an apartment, or a condo, or in a downtown urban area, or in a desert, there’s always my son’s product, the Garden Tower, which has an internal composting system using garbage and worms and grows up to 30% faster. Just about idiot-proof, the Garden Tower doesn’t require you to get on your knees in the dirt weeding. Perfect also for people with disabilities, or who are older, don’t know anything about gardening, or just want real food without having to work too hard to get it.

No excuses.

Grow your own. And share it. Or grow your own with others, trade back and forth, get those exchanges going among neighbors that are vital to a healthy human ecosystem. As the old world collapses, the new one regenerates from below (Uranus square Pluto).

Let’s face it: growing oour own food is a revolutionary act that both breaks the spell of the cabal and reconnects us to the Earth and our own bodies. What could be simpler? What’s not to love?

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  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Re: the graphic that closes out this post: The “tone” of someone’s presentation tells me pretty precisely whether or not that person is still able to listen. I tune out people who have lost, or actively shut down, their capacity to listen. I know that other local viewpoints can’t compete with the delicious story going on in their head.

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