“The Event” imminent?

Photo of “Drake Bailey” of Florida that appeared at American Kabuki. I first saw a similar photo on rumor mill news but I wasn’t convinced that the audio that accompanied the photo (sorry, can no longer find) actually sounded like the radio voice we’ve been hearing.

BE AWARE: Those who follow Drake are expecting “The Event” — mass arrests, etc. — to begin today or tomorrow. At least this is the gist of what I get from American Kabuki, Cobra, Kauilapele, Steve Beckow, jhaines6.com, and other blogs all of whom seem to operate in somewhat the same blogosphere of understanding.

This blog tends to go there too, except that I prefer to remain epistemologically detached. (Or, to be honest, I should say that I, my heart and soul, prefers to continuously detach from what my mind and emotions long to grab and hold on to for dear life!)

And see this. Someone who thinks Drake, a Vietnam vet, is stuck there. P.S. Drake’s advocacy of guns troubles me, too.

My deceased husband, Jeff Joel, used to wonder if “conspiracy theorists” all existed in their own little parallel world, divorced from the world most others live in. That they “prove” their points by simply citing each other, thus going round and round together without any real reference to what they pretend to be pointing to. True? I have no idea, but it’s in times like these that his remark returns to haunt me.

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3 Responses to “The Event” imminent?

  1. ksense says:

    I very much enjoy your site because of the kindness and love that USUALLY comes through in your articles.I truly have trouble with your saying that you are “detached” while at the same time posting a link to someone who is evidently not detached from Drake. The first 6 words of your article shows your attachment to something (BE AWARE: Those who follow Drake)……. detached, really? “Those” who follow Drake? I applaud your desire to be detached from the apparent battle that’s ongoing but in my opinion, you’re not quite there.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Ann.
    It seems the more I read the blogs lately the less I want to. I stay in my own faith and discernment. and do not align with messages inciting ‘bring on the guns, we want firing squad not lethal injections, no compassion’ and such fear based propaganda. Who is the ‘we’, who agreed to such actions, who does he represent, why the fear propaganda to supposedly remove those who used fear propaganda to control the masses – so many contradictions.. I did listen to Mr. drake with some optimism early on, but each week it seems to get more fear based. I believe there is a Divine plan of action, and we need to stay in a place of compassion and love, and help that agenda any way we can. Lasting peace is not achieved by more weapons and more people promoting violence, but by the opposite. That you point out to readers to be discerning, instead of simply posting what was said, is appreciated. Not posting such messages at all, would help even more.
    Namaste ~

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