More on how we might creatively consider what may or may not be happening . . .

I seem to be spending quite a bit of time, these days, on how to entertain an idea without attaching to it. This expansion of awareness becomes especially valuable when we encounter competing, conflicting ideas, such as the one pitting David Icke against Drake and Co.

Meanwhile, there’s the essential mystery of synchronicity that, by the way, makes mincemeat of any of our theories about how it works.

For example, it turns out that on the very day that I wrote and posted that piece on maintaining detachment in the midst of competing, conflicting “truth” claims, Zen Gardner wrote and posted a piece that surfed the same wave. His piece goes much farther, brilliantly and with remarkable clarity situating all our thoughts and “beliefs” within the realm of quantum mechanics, where waves pops open into particles and out again, wherever we turn our attention. The (always temporary, moving, disintegrating, popping into “being” and out again) “point” is: forget all attempts at building mental or other structures that try to fix or delimit the infinite in time or space. Just fuggetabout it. Okay?

Don’t look for answers. Find the questions.

And here’s a prosaic, but still potent, treatment of the same topic:

A special message for the New Age prophets.

During this increasingly volatile, unpredictable, surprising, shocking time when explosive, revolutionary Uranus in fiery pioneering Aries “squares” (is in tension) with life/death/rebirth Pluto in earthy organized, status-quo Capricorn, we can “expect” (between 2012-2015) nothing less than disintegration of existing structures of all kinds, starting first, I’d say, with those in our minds.

Let go, let go, let go of all beliefs that “frame up” situations, large or small, as if they are accurate for all time or even for the next moment! Appreciate the kaleidoscopic eye. Marvel at the brilliant colors weaving through time and space like ribbons of meaning, evanescent, briefly lighting up the foggy foggy dew . . .

And remember, besides the pow! pow! of Uranus/Pluto, since early in 2012 we have also been dropped into the cosmic oceanic atmosphere of spiritual Neptune in watery Pisces. The freedom of individualism touted by Uranus as it struggles to get out from under Pluto’s calcified civilizational structures is thus countered, and held within, the watery, compassionate arms of Neptune as it moves through its home sign of Pisces from 2012 through 2025.

Yes. We are all unique individuals who require full empowerment, creative self-expression (Uranus/Pluto). And yes. We are all one species, beyond the separative ego, immersed in a cosmic sea, with feelings, thoughts, dreams and visions washing through us all as one body, one mind, one spirit (Neptune in Pisces).

Not one or the other. Not just this or just that. Both. Both/and. Spark and flow. Expose and embrace. Shake loose and converge. At every scale, to each his own, and all together NOW!

The opposite of one great truth is another great truth. — Niels Bohr

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2 Responses to More on how we might creatively consider what may or may not be happening . . .

  1. Annie says:

    Refreshingly clear…pretty much what I recognize I am experiencing within. My “thinking head” seems puzzled, surprised at the change–my feeling remains sure-footed–true.

    I hope that makes some kind of sense. (smiles)

    thank you,

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