Reader: “What your family has done has created an energy that is rippling out to the rest of the world.”

I received a very beautiful letter from a reader and wanted to share it here, as it helps me recognize more consciously what these posts about my family are about. And to introduce the letter, a photo that my niece Meg just took of Mom on Father’s Day.

Kristin and Mom

Mom, whose unconscious dredged up that fantastic goddess image a week ago, has been living with dementia for several years. Kristin, her youngest, a very busy school principal and the one who lives closest, considers it a privilege to care for them. She and her husband Matt, a hospice nurse, have cooked and shared dinner with the folks every Sunday for the last three years.

It was Kristin who initiated and organized the recent move to the wonderful Mount St. Vincent, a ten minute walk from her home. That move was orchestrated and carried out by all but one (me) of our eight siblings. Paula arrived two weeks ahead from Louisiana to sort and pack. The day prior to the move the other six converged in Seattle. Each took the part most congenial and natural to him or her in accomplishing that complex, back-breaking job in a way that was least stressful for our beloved elders, both in their mid-90s. And when it was all over, of course, as usual, they partied!

Hello Ann,

I’ve been following your posts and wanted to tell you how moved I was by your sharing the beauty of your family’s love for your parents and how you have been in your hearts throughout the time you were together. So unusual for a family to be so conscious during the dying process, and such a gift for all of us who read your story. We corresponded awhile ago about the possibility of meeting when you were in Seattle which was originally planned for the latter part of July, but I wasn’t able to arrange that. Reading aboiut your beautiful experience gave me a lot of joy because I know that what your family has done has created an energy that is rippling out to the rest of the world.

As I read your piece on Cobra and the Archons I have to admit I felt very differently — more a feeling of wanting to look away. Not because I don’t believe that the Archons exist or have created havoc in our world but because of the focus on details that didn’t resonate with me. As you know, synchronicity will strike when we least expect it, and almost immediately after reading Cobra’s report, I came upon an interview with David Icke that was done this month by a European tv network, bewusst — Belgian perhaps? The title of the interview was Take It to the Heart which seemed related to your post.

The fascinating thing was that he was also talking about the Archons as described by the gnostics, and their manipulation of humanity for the purpose of using our lower emotional vibrations as an energy source. He described a great deal more, but his conclusion was that the only way to defeat them and their agenda being carried out by the cabal is by going into our hearts. We can’t be touched in the higher vibration by their lower wave form energy, and we create an entirely new reality which you described so beautifully in your own family. I hope you’ll have time to take a look at it as I think he is absolutely on the right path with where humanity needs to go — following in your family’s footsteps. He was very much against taking the macho fighting attitude which I find in so much material that’s coming out lately. The heart connects us to a much vaster sense of ourselves and a greater reality that can bypass the programming which has been genetically manipulated by the Archons. I admire your search for truth and exploring all information that will awaken us and so I’m sending this on.

I recently returned from Drunvalo Melchizedek’s workshop on Awakening the Illuminated Heart where he gave us meditations to go to the sacred space of the heart and to reconnect the brain and the heart so that the brain becomes the servant of the heart which is also what Icke was saying needed to happen. He told us that the merkaba (which Cobra said had been deactivated by the Archons) would become activated when we learned to create from the heart instead of the brain. So it’s very interesting that all of this related information is coming through the workshop and the soup of the noosphere as you called it.

I saw your reference to Bill Brockbrader in today’s post and didn’t know if you had read that he is being held in the county jail in Boise ID. Kerry Cassidy posted on her blog his request for letters from people who wish to support him.

I’ll close with thanking you again for all the information that you share. I go to your site every day and appreciate all that you put into your blog. So happy to hear that you have family members you can now share with too! I’m still working on that one.

Love and blessings,

Colleen C.

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  1. babajij says:

    ~Thank You, Ann Kreilkamp…This Post brought out of me a Well of Carthartic Tears…The Picture with Your Mom is Divine~

    • Thank you so much for your affirmation of the value of these family posts. We all come from families, and we are all constantly bombarded with the cultural fear and devaluation of the aging process, of death and dying, of loss, descent of any kind! It takes great fortitude to continuously recognize the rise and fall of the rhythms of life, and to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate them.

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