Pointings for June 6, 2012: crazily growing gardens, money-fueled “elections,” black-holed universes . . .

Well here we are, on the day after the Venus transit and everything looks pretty much the same. And yet, and yet! No chem trails in the sky this morning, the weather is beautiful, and our gardens are growing like crazy.

How about this, for example, sent to me by my son Colin of the

Garden Tower Project.

You can’t even see the container anymore, the plants are so enormous and fast-growing. And now they’ve decided to put in two seedlings per hole, since the internally vermicultured soil is so intensely nutrient-rich. That will nearly double the output, from 50 plants to 80-90!


Meanwhile, all sorts of skullduggery afoot, as usual. For example, how’s this? The headline speaks volumes about what’s happened to our “democracy” since the Supreme Court said corporations were people and money is free speech. “Citizen’s United,” BTW, an Orwellian phrase if I ever heard one, is on a par with “peace is war.”

• readersupportednews: Walker spent 88% of the money to get 53% of the vote


I’ve gotten to the point where the ghastly stuff almost bores me. Enough already! Let’s see something new. For example this story, which is, however, admittedly scary, given the powerful forces this amazing kid is playing with. I both admire his folks for giving him his head and . . . “fear” for them? Don’t want to buy into that. Glad he’s now experimenting in a “real” lab. Hope the radioactive debris he brings back from the desert hasn’t contaminated his parents’ car. I mean geez!

• popsci.com: The Boy Who Played with Fusion


Here’s an interesting perspective on “owning” and “having” that I hadn’t thought of before, or at least not so systematically:

• opednews.com: What Domesticating Does to Us and How to Get Out From Under


It is a kind of domestication what the so-called “elite,” the rich, have done to us. For many generations they have fed us by paying us to work for them. Then we have to buy food from places they control. For many years that was the policy of the IMF and the World Bank. They loaned money to a country on condition that farmers no longer grow food for themselves, but cotton for export — requiring the farmers to buy food for money. Often food that came from us, so the banks were paid back twice, from the interest the country had to pay and from the money the farmers paid for food made by companies owned by the banks.

Now the big banks have discovered they no longer need us, they can make money between themselves. Undoubtedly now banks eat smaller banks. Soon all the money in the world will be at the top.

We must understand that we have done that to ourselves by accepting the system. We work for someone who pays us and so feeds us. We have made ourselves dependent on our bosses, we have made ourselves slaves. But bosses too are slaves of the dependency system. Now the bosses are beginning to wake up and have found ways to make money without us working for them.

It is time that we, the 99%, find our own food, something most of us no longer know to do. Food comes from supermarkets, no? NO, food grows. We can grow it. We can be independent, get out of the domestic animal role.


My friend Sylvia, with whom I took the two-week long permaculture design course and who is now back in England, sent me this link.

• digitaljournal.com: Is Our Universe Inside A Black Hole?

If so, “then our own universe could be the interior of a black hole existing in another universe. Just as we cannot see what is going on inside black holes in the cosmos, any observers in the parent universe could not see what is going on in ours.”

It’s this kind of story that, hopefully, helps us open even more space within our already overwhelmed minds. Remember, we are spirits inserting a teensy tiny part of our invisible, multidimensional selves into these dense 3-D bodies. Our minds are vastly more encompassing than our brains, and in “fact” and certainly in fiction, hook up together as one mind, the “noosphere” of which Teillard de Chardin spoke and which has haunted me ever since I saw his writings on the subject. No, I take that back. As a recovering Catholic, I can say that I always loved the phrase “Communion of Souls,” and I always believed in it, or swam in it, or surrendered to it. Still do. Yes.

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