Local Action, Venus Transit Meditation: How “Isis got her crown back”

Cobra left a cryptic message this morning: “Isis got her crown back.” Yes, I’d say the meditation “worked.”

Ellen and I sat down cross-legged on the living room floor just before 8:30 p.m. with our little altar, tiny old peruvian rug spread out on the floor, crystals in the four directions, a new beeswax candle in the middle. We smudged each other with sage, rang a sacred bell to clear the energies, and lit the candle. Then we sat in silence with our eyes closed, following Cobra’s instructions in four steps, coordinating with each other along the way. Then we took out the Goddess tarot cards and each pulled one.

I got The Chariot, with Isis above! Isis also graces my bedroom wall, in that same position of protecting Earth from the sky.

Later, when we compared notes as to our experience of the meditation itself, Ellen said she had felt a lot of warmth, waves of love. “It was a very calming energy.”

My experience was very different. What I sensed was an powerful, pulsating energy rushing in all directions, each point in space the center of the universe, each point expanding into a bubble and bursting into light and space. Opening space, everywhere, all at once.

Our two different experiences remind me of the two different tracks Ellen and I are on in life. It’s as if this meditation was a culmination of what we have each aimed for, what we had intended from the moment when we were born.

She and I both have those grounded Taurus Moons at the same 23rd degree. But our bodies are wired differently. She has so much more earth in her than I do. I’m fire and air, mostly, and very Uranian, as Ellen says, “constantly electrified.” She calms me. Thank the goddess!

At one point, in the late ’70s, I founded and ran for two years an experimental community magazine in Idaho called “OpenSpace.” (Openspace is a verb.) Ellen was the business manager.

Last night, in bed, I thought more about what I had experienced during the meditation, and remembered the post I put up yesterday, about points, lines, spaces, the geometry of infinite parallel worlds. So now, in my meditation, I was experiencing points as morphing into bubbles, of light and air and space that burst open like champagne. The universe brilliantly dancing into being.

So beautiful, so nourishing, this silent beating heart of the ever-replenishing One.

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