Spirit of Unity transforms Occupy Bilderberg into “Bilderfest” — and yet . . .

Here are two wonderful posts about the spirit that infused the protest movement outside last weekend’s Bilderberg meeting in Virginia. Makes my heart sing!

Thanks to activistpost for both.

Bilderberg 2012 Marks A Turning Point in Focused and Cooperative Activism


Diverse Activist Groups Unify to Protest Bilderberg 2012

And yet . . . this little video made my heart hurt. Who are these hairdressers who were most likely sworn to secrecy? The woman who shakes her head “I can’t tell you” has such lovely eyes . . . I think about what it was like for her to go to sleep that night. What kind of cognitive and emotional dissonance was she undergoing?

What happened the next day? Did she use that experience to help her wake up? Or could she “not afford” to wake up, due to mind-created-and-controlled security needs.


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