Friends for 36 years, Ellen and I prepare for this evening’s rare Venus transit meditation

Ellen and Ann

My friend Ellen came to town yesterday. She and I have known each other since 1976, when our kids were little and we were both single Moms in our mid-30s and our kids lived with their dads and would spend summers with their moms in Idaho. We both had (have!) two boys — I mean men! — they sure are now! — all in their 40s. Both of us have two grandkids, a boy and a girl. We have the same Moon, in Taurus, where the Moon is said to be “exalted,” and in the exact same degree: 23°. So no wonder we originally connected via our mothering.

Meanwhile, we both also moved into the yurts in Kelly, Wyoming, and lived there for a loooooooong time.

Now Ellen is back in Idaho, and I’m in Indiana, and we see each other every couple of years. She will drive me to the airport on her way out of town on Saturday morning for my trip to Seattle and Dad’s dying process.

Meanwhile, we’re going to observe the meditation suggested by Cobra for this second and final Venus transit of the Sun for the next 100+ years. Venus, by the way, rules Taurus, where our Moons live, so it seems very fitting that we would be together for this goddess event. We’re going to begin our meditation at 8:30 p.m. CDT (even though I live in EDT, Bloomington is very far west for that timezone and we don’t like to stay up late).

We will follow Cobra’s instructions exactly, and then segue into our own way of observing ritual, what we have done ever since 1981, when the Motherpeace tarot deck first came out.

I don’t remember, but she says that I had the deck and showed it to her and Dick and Judy and Chuck — a whole group of us, all of whom are still tribal — and said, “look at this!”

Ellen says we were sitting in a circle, and passed the deck around, and each of us pulled a card, and looked at it. Ellen pulled the Star, and she says now, “I was taken in!” — so much so that she purchased her own deck.

Those cards got pretty dog-eared. She still has the original deck, though she travels with a miniature version, which she says now, that I gave to her! I have no memory of any of this. She says now that it was when I was getting a bunch of review books in the mail for Crone Chronicles. The little deck came in, and she says I said to her, once again, “look at this!” Do you you want it?” “Yes!” she responded

Ann: “Oh, I guess I was really instrumental in all this for you, huh?”

Ellen: “Aren’t you instrumental in everything? In meeting you I woke up! I began to get a sense of who I was! I got to understand my children and my husband, and my failed marriage [all through astrology], and you thrust me into uncomfortable situations and provoked me into seeing things in a different way. Oh, you’re powerful, honey!”

That reminds me: one of the gifts that came my way during the gift circle the other night was an extraordinary statue of a Chinese horse, made out of heavy metal of some kind. Solid. Brass?

Horse, Sagittarius. I’m a “double Sagittarius.” (Sun and Ascendant in that sign.) Horse has always been my symbol. But this horse?

Ellen: “It looks like a warlord’s horse. Genghis Khan’s horse.”

Ann: “Oh no, no! Don’t say that!”

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4 Responses to Friends for 36 years, Ellen and I prepare for this evening’s rare Venus transit meditation

  1. sylvia says:

    isn’t it a windhorse Ann? Very auspicious!
    Lovely to read about your long friendship, thanks!

  2. Deb Gruver says:

    Hi. Do you have contact information for Ellen and Chuck? I knew them when I lived in Jackson, Wyo., and would love to catch up. If you do, could you email it to me at Thanks much. Deb Gruver

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