Pointings for May 28, 2012: Pots and Pans, Privacy, Awareness, How We Could Live, and Health

Oh my, so much so much! Categories are useless, and in fact they are positively misleading since every factoid both has its own fast-appearing-and-disappearing act and links to every other factoid in some way. Even so, I try to channel info into some kind of order. Just for my own left brain’s sake! Kind of like playing with legos in a thick fog. Or pretending to fill in the missing pieces of a multidimensional puzzle with no edges. Start with this:


When I heard about the “pots and pans” being banged by housewives in support of demonstrating students in Quebec, I rejoiced. What a loud, crazy, brilliant idea!

• montrealgazette.com: Pots and Pans Bang Protest throughout Quebec.


It turns out Canadians are copying the pots and pans brigades that helped lead the recent Iceland Revolution against the banksters . . .


• pressenza.com: The “pots and pans” revolution in Iceland and its Aftermath


. . . as well as Chilean protests, beginning in the late ’70s.

• huffpost: Casseroles, Pots And Pans Protests In Quebec, Stir Memories In Chilean-Montrealers



“Can this be used to stop crime? Yes. They can also track us going to the store, to political meetings, to see our girl friend . . .” The D.C. area is already saturated with these cameras. As of two years ago, about one third of police areas in the U.S. had them. Who knows how many now? “The cops love these things.”

• RT: Big Brother Spying on Your Car with Plate-Scanning Cameras



I really like this article that describes one version of “Ten Levels” or stages of “Consciousness,” beginning with complete identification with the environment and no inner life or awareness, on up to the stage where most of life is lived on the inner plane, as the causal level which projects into manifestation whatever external reality is chosen.

• riseearth.com: 10 Levels of Consciousness



Either in smaller (much smaller!) homes or together in McMansions with others. When I lived in Jackson Hole (in a 330 square foot yurt with my husband) during the Aspenization of that little mountain town, our little tribe used to dream of entire communes taking over the stone and timber 10,000 to 40,000 square feet enclaves of the 001% so tastefully hidden away in forest and meadow at the end of long dirt roads marked by imposing gates or arches at their entrances.

• yesmagazine: How I Found Happiness (in 130 square feet)


• yes magazine: We’ve Got Some Big Houses That We Could Share



It turns out I was intuitively right all those years NOT to use either antiperspirants or calcium supplements. What I did not know that the evil ingredient “parabens” is in not just antiperspirants, but all sorts of products, including food, to increase shelf life. Fully 99% of women who develop breast cancer have paragons in their breast tissue.

• naturalnews.com: Study: Nearly all women with breast cancer have parabens in their breast tissue

I couldn’t find the original article that I read on calcium supplements. You might google it. The point is that ingesting calcium by itself can lead to calcification. Duh! And can end up in arteries, kidney stones, even the pineal gland in the brain. Not good! I made a choice a long time ago to use food as medicine, rather than pharmaceuticals. For example, dark leafy green vegetables are a rich source of minerals, including calcium.

Finally, check this out:

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