Pointings for May 25, 2012: Skullduggery, Revolving Door, and Gotcha!

Yes, I too notice the cynical tone I adopted in these Pointings. Please indulge me. And BTW: At the end, I list a post that might, hopefully, right the balance: Ten Ways to Stop . . .


I’ve heard rumors about this for years. True? I wouldn’t be surprised. What an absurdly easy way for China to win a military “race.” And, it sure feels like comeuppance for the corporatized U.S., out-sourcing every job and product possible to countries with the lowest wages for the least amount of (fiat) money.

• www.bbc.co.uk: China fake parts “used in U.S. military equipment.”


And here’s another good one. I must admit, when I heard about this plane crash, my bullshit antenna just went way way up. Almost as far up as it went on 9/11. Sure felt like an “inside job” to me. Whose? Well, the article says the Russians say it’s the U.S., “industrial sabotage.” I’d say that points to some corporation that owns the U.S., don’t you think, like Boeing, maybe? Or whoever was afraid of the big bad new Russian plane that might take away business.

• dailymail.co.uk: Undercover US agents brought down our new Superjet: Russia’s extraordinary claim about crash which killed 45

So we seem to be continuing the trend to privatize all aspects of war. Or maybe it’s just war by some other name. One thing’s for sure, as Naomi Klein warned us in her Shock Doctrine, and John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, in predatory capitalism, anything goes, anything.


Here’s one with implications we don’t know yet. The docking of the privately-owned “Dragon” space craft with NASA’s International Space Station. Another fusion between business and government here? I read that there’s nasty symbolism in this docking, given the names. Think of ISS as Isis (the Egyptian goddess), catching and holding the male Dragon . . . I don’t go there, but some do. Dragon owned by “Space X,” or “Space Sex” . . .

From the article:

“Scanning the SpaceX site you’ll encounter some NLP. In their copy for the DRAGON OVERVIEW, we read the following about the mission objective in phase 1 demo 3: “Full cargo mission profile including mate to ISS” Appearing under that, with a link to the simulation, we read: “This simulation, developed by Odyssey Space Research, shows Dragon approaching and berthing with the ISS.” Berthing ~ birthing . . .”

And so on.

• theopenscroll.blogspot.com: Falcon 9, ISS, and the Space Sex Dragon



Psst. Avoid the Philadelphia Airport.

• rumormillnews: Pedophile Priest Removed from Ministry Finds Employment with TSA



• opednews.com: Unabomber Updates His Harvard University Alumni Book from Prison

“In an alumni directory, he lists his occupation as ‘prisoner’ and under awards lists ‘eight life sentences.’ The alumni association says it regrets including the information.”



• activistpost.com: Ten Ways to Stop Being A Slave and Bring Down the Pyramids of Control


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