My experience of yesterday’s annular eclipse and global meditation: “Oh . . . My . . . Goddess!”

All day, yesterday, I was aware of being in the field of human unity, and this background radiation, you might say, seemed to color all my actions and fluctuating moods, like a subtle, promising scent of beauty and balance.

Meanwhile, the day before I had begun sporadic internet research on “Alcyone,” its symbolic import, given that Alcyone would be directly hooked up to the Earth/Moon/Sun straight line that the eclipse would present.

I also read lots of channelings on what that hook-up with Alcyone and the Pleiades meant, but, as usual, most of them “went right over my head.” Not that I’m stupid. I just couldn’t absorb them. They weren’t for me.

A few months ago I read a book by John Lash, Quest for the Zodiac: the Cosmic Code Beyond Astrology, and it affected me deeply. I have been a student and practioner of astrology since the mid-70s, and though I was “interested” in the larger sky beyond our solar system, and since childhood have experienced times when I literally whoosh into the cosmos on particularly starry nights, I hadn’t really paid much attention to the larger sky as a sky map. John Lash was also interested in that larger sky, and his interest propelled him to look at astrology from this larger viewpoint. As a comparative mythologist, he assumes that larger archetypal patterns are being re-enacted, over and over again, and that if we could really “read” the heavens, we might understand those patterns and incorporate this understanding into our evolving collective psyche.

However, I didn’t get much from that book on how to actually read the heavens! And I wasn’t getting much yesterday and the day before on how to read “Alcyone.”

So, in late morning, I wrote my final post on the upcoming eclipse by simply identifying Alycone as the star in the sky that the arrow of the Earth/Moon/Sun line-up would be pointing to, and noted that the name “Alcyone” is feminine, and that the etymology of the word is significant. I also indicated, by the use of the word “matrix,” that Alcyone lies beyond the tension field of human conditioning that we have been subjected to all these centuries via, in part, by the cabal’s use of astrological configurations of the planets to trigger or amplify pre-planned events.

Actually, have I ever said that directly? I really don’t know if I figured that out myself. I might have. It seems to me that all of a sudden that kind of overall understanding just plopped into place! The recent post by Nick Fiorenza hints in the same direction.

Over lunch yesterday I read a sheaf of papers I had printed out that were selections from Barbara Hand Clow’s The Pleiadian Agenda, which I had read eons ago, and at the time considered incredibly “far out.” Not that I didn’t “believe” what she said; again, I just couldn’t open to her level of complexity and dimensionality. So there I was, yesterday, reading through material from this book again, and I realized that I have apparently mutated or evolved somewhat from when I first read that book.

I am reminded of when I first read psychiatrist Ronald D. Laing, his The Divided Self, back in the middle ’60s. The first time I read this book I dismissed it as simple-minded and stupid. One year later, I read it again, and this time I was stunned to recognize it as the simple truth!

In between those two readings, via a near-death experience, I had awakened to my own essence, or self, or soul, and was no longer identified with my persona or mask. The difference between these two “selves,” the authentic, original, real-me and the socialized, conditioned, brain-washed pretend-me, felt drastic. How would I learn to get along in the world of pretend-selves, now that I had flipped out of it?

My experience of reading selections from The Pleiadian Agenda yesterday felt similar, in that about 60% of it I could now not only recognize, but identify with as my own experience. The other 40% still escapes me, but hey, I’m still learning! And who knows, that book was written in 1995. And reality shifts. Who knows how Barbara would alter what she said, or channeled, there now.

Late yesterday afternoon I went to the hospital to see a friend of mine whose life has been periodically interrupted by a hereditary illness that leaves her devastated. In speaking with her, I felt deeply moved by the sense of her strength as a mother, her mothering energy, her deeply caring nature.

I thought of Alcyone, whose name means “calm,” and the seven days of the year when the winds were calmed, the halcyon days, when she laid her eggs . . .

But all this is prelude.

So. I had determined that I would do ceremony at the time of the eclipse. And that I would start probably around 8:30 p.m. (EDT) and go for about an hour. I planned to do the New Moon ceremony that I have done for many years, that I did with my husband Jeff when he was alive. This involves sitting in meditation for awhile, writing down what I “got” in meditation, if anything (or, when he was alive, telling each other), then consulting different oracles, including tarot, runes, and some animal cards. Though I haven’t done these ceremonies regularly for awhile, I knew it would be good to do one this time, with special emphasis, given that it was also an eclipse, with a global meditation. The May 5th Full Moon Global Meditation, for me, had been extremely significant.

Here is the story of my May 5th meditation experience.

But when the time came to go into ceremony last night, I rebelled. I didn’t want to get out the little rug that I got in Peru and place upon it my special crystals. I didn’t want to light a candle in the center and call in the four directions. I didn’t want to gather my oracle tools, and my journal, for writing down what went on during my meditation. No, what I wanted to do was simply sit. And, it turns out, walk, then sit again, and yet again, each time in a different spot. Here’s what went on.

The first time was actually prelude. Around 8:15 p.m., I was out on my screened in front porch, half lying, half sitting on chaise lounge there, reading.

And happened to close my eyes. And I felt the whole earth humming . . . humming with energy, as if tremendously, ferociously alive. This feeling was instantaneous and shocking in its intensity.

And not just Earth, but her atmosphere. And not just her atmosphere, but all of space, all of the cosmos, all and everything, a vast field of energy humming, globules of light dancing burbling birthing . . .

I’ve known about this field of possibilities, this zero point field, the presence of Being, the plenum within which forms arise and fall — and I’ve sensed it experientially for years. But never before did I feel I was vibrating with Earth from inside her, rather like being inside one of the hot springs in Yellowstone, a sense of energy onrushing up, boiling over, but coming from everywhere, an effervescent bath of birthing beauty.

So that’s why I didn’t get out the Peruvian blanket and the crystals! I decided to go with my experience instead.

I decided to sit again, this time in a big red chair with my spine erect.

Again, the same experience, though not quite so powerful, as it was inside the house, rather than surrounded by Nature on the porch.

The energy of Earth was calling me. I got my puppy Shadow’s leash and we took a ten minute walk around the neighborhood, with me absorbed in the greenery, the flowers, the sounds of birds and insects, the colors of the sky. At one point I saw a chem trail — or was it a contrail? — very heavy and fluffy, taking up about 15 degrees of the western sky, and in the middle of that was a blank space that looked circular, blue like the sky, but slightly different color of blue that did make it look circular. Odd. A cloaked craft? A few minutes later the con (chem) trail had disappeared, and with it, that blue circle.

All the while, very aware of my body moving through space, breathing in and out, alive and in love with the soft breezes caressing my face, neck, arms, legs . . .

Then I came back home and decided to go into the GANG garden and sit there for awhile, near the pond. Again, with spine straight.

This time, not only did I feel Earth’s aliveness, I could feel a thrumming, strumming coming up through my legs, really strong. As if the water was magnifying the original experience of Her aliveness. Really strong now. Stunningly strong.

Since I am a chi kung/taichi practitioner, I am quite accustomed to chi energy coming from above and below, down and up through my body as transmitter and transformer of the universal energy. And of course I could feel the energy bathing from above in my meditation as well. But the energy from below! Oh. My. Goddess!!

And finally, once it was dark, I went and sat, facing the house, with my back to the tulip tree in my front yard. I could feel his young vibrancy, his pride of accomplishment. His job, he said, was to hold the front yard in place. How was he doing?

Still the thrumming, the aliveness, the burbling beauty of Nature’s stunning strength. But now an individual connection, with this young tree. This adolescent male’s warrior/servant energy. I told him he was doing a fine job.

Here he is again, with the street behind him. He’s shot up to about three stories high. When I first got here, nine years ago, he was the size of the more recently planted little trees, in front of him.

And that’s it folks! My experience of, it turns out, Earth’s turn-on during yesterday’s annular eclipse.

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  1. I created a similar set of those beautiful heart felt images during my own meditation on May 20th.

    May 20th came and went while I was at least mentally engaged in the big hoopla event surrounding the eclipse. Are we any different today ?
    — My bird aviary filled with parakeets acted no different to the eclipse than on any other nice sunny day.
    — Brodie, my Miniature Schnauzer acted the same as always, he continues to see me as his equal and barks at strangers.
    — The neighbors cat and local squirrel family still tease Brodie from their safe perches on the fence tops.

    But one silver haired individual, Richard C Hoagland, a scientist with a gift for challenging mainstream science, in a garage-lab in the southwest US, used an ordinary electronic tuning fork taken from a $50 wristwatch, hooked it up to a radio shack electronic frequency recorder and may have changed mainstream science understanding of the universe.

    Mainstream science is waiting to ponce on his findings on torsion energy and debunk him if possible. Something tells me the world may indeed have changed this time.

    PS, Just ignore all the ads and plow through to the free discussion.

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