Nick Fiorenza on the May 20th Solar Eclipse, the cabal’s use of planetary alignments, and how solar activity affects consciousness

I took a workshop decades ago with astrologer Nick Fiorenza. He’s the real deal, and I very much welcome his contribution to our awareness of the structure of the matrix that he says, and I agree, holds humans in bondage as puppets whose strings are pulled by planetary alignments.

As Gurdjieff put it, humans are “mechanical” beings, reacting to outside forces — until, through what he calls the consistent practice of “self-remembering,” we wake up, and begin to build a “magnetic center.” Then, and only then, do we begin to enjoy free will and make real choices.

First, here’s Nick Fiorenza’s take on the May 20th eclipse, with lots and lots of maps and charts:

The May 20-21 Annular Solar Eclipse.

And here’s his general theory of how the cabal uses planetary alignments to time events, especially those involving exact or close to exact multiple alignments with Saturn!

That Saturn would be consistently the most important factor stands to reason, since Saturn is the planet that structures, stabilizes, and holds form in place.

Note: David Icke also implicates Saturn in human programming, along with the Moon.

Note also: the cycle of the Moon is 29.5 days, and the cycle of Saturn is 29.5 years!

The following text what was right under the youtube video (uploaded today), I presume also from Nick, referencing especially the effects on human consciousness of increased solar activity:

A Renaissance in Consciousness

Solar cycles and their activity play an intimate part in the unfoldment of human consciousness. Solar flares affect the Central Nervous System (stomach lining), all brain activity (including equilibrium), all human and animal behavior and all psychophysiological (mental-emotional-physical) response.

Solar flares can cause some people to be nervous, anxious, worrisome, jittery, irritable, lethargic, to have short term memory loss, to feel nauseous, queasy, and have prolonged head pressure or head aches. They can also cause trouble with the radio, phone, Internet, computers, and all forms of communication–both human and technological.

Solar activity can also be stimulating, invigorating, illuminating, and create a heightened sense of awareness, and it can enhance vision and creativity tremendously. It especially stimulates the pineal gland in the brain, which is our center of vision and creativity. The pineal gland is a “neuroendocrine transducer” that converts gravitational-magnetic signals into chemical hormonal responses that control, via the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland. The pituitary is the master control center of the brain that governs the rest of the neurological system. This information expresses into the cellular structure of the individual–essentially into the molecular matrix of the cell in a “DNA Illumination Sequence” that is responsible for our evolutionary awakening. The pituitary is the administrative seat controlling cellular memory, and hence, the remembrance / emergence of our true selves.

How a person experiences enhanced solar activity is a function of the resonance of their physical neurology. If a person is crystalized with mental, emotional and physical blockages, then increase solar activity may seem uncomfortable. It is like trying to get something to improve in vibrational resonance that has resistance to do so. It a person has a more refined neurological resonance, that is for people that have done the inner work to clear mental, emotional and physical crystallizations, then enhanced solar activity is enlivening, and gives one a heightened perceptual awareness. In addition, if a person’s pineal gland is severely calcified, which is common amongst most humans and generally occurs at age six, partly due to the stifling of extra-sensory awareness and creativity when very young, then the pineal is not able to respond (vibrate) to increase “light” solar activity as it should.

Solar activity, although dramatic, catalyzes, and is essential for our evolutionary process by stimulating radical change and transformation in the organizational foundation of matter, energy and consciousness. Solar activity plays an intimate role along with the dynamic transition in Earth’s precessional cycle, and the erect precessional cross which occurred around 1998-2000 A.D. and which began the “time of change” in Earth’s ~25,000-year “Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul.” Solar flare activity and other stellar explosions (supernovas) are the primary catalysts that stimulate a renaissance in consciousness. They provide cosmic impulses that supports the evolutionary maturation of the incarnate soul–the illumination of consciousness that we all seek.

Remember, solar activity illuminates consciousness, dissolving duality’s paradox – the fear and judgment based monsters within are consumed in Light – old patterns of behavior vanish, while true elegance and majesty of self emerges.

A.K. All in all, I’d say astrologer Nick Fiorenza hits the bullseye with this unusually illuminating material.

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  1. isis2012 says:

    Great article … and I would say Nick Fiorenza knows more than he is saying … or better yet he is saying exactly what he means but the meaning is different for a consciousness aware of how intertwine the celestial reality is with our matrix reality …

    Like what he says about the cabal uses planetary alignments to time events … but does not tell how these alignments (lines of sight) are used for celestials to easily travel from star point to planet .. and from planet to star point …

    And how during near orbiting courses of certain stars and their colonies, celestials of one star colony have battled against other star colonies as told in scriptures … Judges 5:20 They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera.

    And how Saturn was just one homeland infiltrated and subdued by the diabolical reptilians (cabals) whom had long since invaded the solar system and most all celestial worlds hidden in their dimensional pockets of open space ….. And uses the governing strong hold established on Saturn as headquarters and forces holding the illusion of the solar system in place … and that the moon was also conquered and signals used to control the illusions of a reality which was entwined with the Mother Earth’s matrix reality …

    And that most all mainstream whom are/were asleep on the Mother Earth, are from these planets and stars and that’s why their impulses resonated with us …

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