New John Kettler post: ranges all over the place, with seemingly testable predictions

Let’s watch to see what, if anything, is confirmed. The content of this post is thick with technical and seemingly deep intel detail — ranges way beyond the title, and implicates a number of nations’ nuclear and other arsenals, capabilities, and clandestine sales of such to other nations.

Especially this paragraph about the U.S. stuck out for me, as it may relate to the near-legendary, and longed for “mass arrests” predicted by Fulford, Wilcock, Wood/Brockbrader and Drake; it also mentions enfeebled chem trails and “big plans” for drones.

“The protective grid over the U.S., built of blood sacrifice black magick and sacred geometry, continues to decline in strength, and when it falls, large scale anti NWO (New World Order) operations here will begin in earnest. Meanwhile, there are raids pending at several black project facilities, chemtrails are markedly down or brief and sickly (some areas still getting hit hard, though), with multiple shootdowns observed, and such desperation on the part of the chemtrailers that skywriting aircraft and cropdusters have been pressed into service, according to sensitive sources. The U.S. program of beyond Orwellian domestic surveillance using drones appears to be in high gear, but is in grave disfavor with the ETs/EDs, who have big plans for the drones–sculptures, fly-ins and more!”

ETs/EDs to Hammer Russia for Nuclear Proliferation

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