Pointings for May 16, 2012: Focus on this coming weekend, May 18-21, plus “take back the land”

Only two categories this time, under one theme, activism, both spiritual (through meditation), and physical — protests in Chicago, plus the many ways we are learning how to take back the land.


These are the days when the real Obama is supposed to stand up! Let’s help him do that!

Veterans for Peace has called for an end to NATO. A Veterans for Peace Team will be holding non-violent training in Chicago, May 18.

This weekend’s New Moon eclipse on May 20 features both the G8 meeting at Camp David and the NATO meeting in heavily militarized Chicago to be mirrored by masses of protestors. Here’s Amy Goodman, in a talk with veteran ’60s activists who are involved again now. Concerts, marches, and veterans returning their medals will all be featured.

Very important if we aren’t in Chicago, to sit in meditation during the eclipse hour. According to a new Cobra update, we only need 118,000 altogether worldwide who meditate with total focus to actually “Reboot the Grid.” So lets get as many as possible. Who knows how many of us have the self-discipline to actually concentrate in this ADD world.

If we have developed the self-discipline, let us hold that focus — for peace, for justice, for sanity, for healing, for re-integration with the cosmos — for this entire four day eclipse period.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and this is the eleventh hour.



• from truth out.org: Grabbing the Bolt Cutters with Take Back the Land

“Since its inception in 2006, Take Back the Land has helped communities take over dozens of abandoned, bank-owned homes in Miami, Madison, Rochester and other cities, both to provide housing for those in need and to challenge entrenched ideas about privatization, control of space and how to de-commodify community needs.”

Here’s one idea from the article: turning foreclosed homes into common houses for neighborhoods!

And here, unfortunately, is one piece of land that got away.

• care2.com: Armed Police Drive Gardening Occupiers off Reclaimed Farmland

In Bloomington, Indiana, I hear lots of tales of permaculture folks throwing seed balls onto vacant spaces and other forms of guerrilla gardening. I’m sure that’s going on elsewhere, maybe even everywhere — or if not now, then soon.

• permaculturetokyo: Seed Balls


Their motto: “Let’s fight the filth with forks and flowers . . .”

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