LOCAL ACTION: Required! “Fire Blight” on the Pear Tree?, Plus: GIFTS! Roots for tonics, plants for plantings; more on Garden Tower . . .

It’s all so much and so urgent that I don’t know if I’ll be able to do my usual Monday morning thing and morph from the week-end’s nitty-gritty local to largely conceptual global. . . .

And maybe that’s good.

It all started three days ago, when Christine called and said she had a bunch of flowers, herbs, and other plants for me and the GANG garden, meant for both full sun and part sun. Christine participates in our local Gift Circle. She said she’d be by in five minutes, to prepare the ground.! Geez! There goes the movie I was going to watch, “They Live” . . .

(Google the plot.)

So she and I worked until nightfall.

She brought over some of the flowering plants two days ago. So I spent that evening putting them in.

She brought over the rest last night, unloading her trunk prior to our bi-weekly Gift Circle and potluck meeting.

But before that, yesterday, I realized that the pear tree was in big trouble. And sent out an SOS, and got lots of advice, both here and from the local permaculture guild, and was told that others here have the same problem with pear trees and some apple trees, most likely because of the kind of spring we’ve had, long, wet, and unusually warm. Still not clear on what to do about the “Fire Blight,” if anything, since the bacteria is apparently permanent, once it sets in. . . I’ll do more sleuthing on that.

But . . . meanwhile, back to what must be planted this very day!

Ye gods! Here they are from Christine! So much!

Jim, another Gift Circle participant, said he’d be over today. Hope to plant them with him!

And Jim brought a fabulous gift to the circle last night, dandelion roots! Lots of them, big ones, and with little baggies for those who want some. I sure did. I cut up dandelion roots into little pieces and then boil ’em for an hour or so, for a liver tonic. Really a good idea in the spring time, when toxins from months past need to be flushed out.

Meanwhile, this morning, puppy Shadow and I also took our walk and went out to see Colin, Ramsay and Joel fill yet another Garden Tower, this one for a retirement center on the edge of town.

Their kickstarter campaign is still going, though languishing lately. If you want to see the second generation tower manufactured, please help NOW. Once they can roll out these things through mass production they will be an inexpensive godsend for people who live in cities, deserts and other difficult environments for growing good local food quickly. They’ve decided to start making, by hand, first generation towers this week, since so many locals have been begging to buy them, NOW, and not wait for the second generation tower.

Stephanie, who is directing the GANG garden this year, when she heard this tale, said, “Maybe it has to start local.” EXACTLY! Maybe all good things do.

Meanwhile, I said I’d take a picture soon of the tower planted here in the GANG garden one week ago. Here’s a shot of it, from the same perspective as the original close-up; and one more, too, both from a few minutes ago.

Soooooo. . . what’s the real point of this post? Well I guess it’s just to say LOCAL ACTION, at times, takes precedence over my endless Sagittarian quest for mental and spiritual global perspective. It just has to. In springtime Nature calls. She demands, commands. The cosmic gifting circle that is Nature’s continuous giving and receiving from each to all pulls me into her flow of infinite abundance. I take a deep gulp — of water, of air — put on my digging shoes, get out my digging fork, and begin.

Perhaps more posts later today, — or NOT!

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