HELP! Pear tree falling victim, to what?

Hey, all you permaculturists and fruit tree specialists out there. Today we were out in the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden (the GANG) planting potatoes when all of a sudden I happened to look over to our one beautiful pear tree that just this year got its first tiny pears, and noticed that the central stalk and another major stalk appear to have been taken over by something awful. Have no idea what. And it’s starting to get the other branches too. It seems to begin with the leaves, turns them brown. I don’t detect any bugs or mold.

Three views. First one vertical, notice the long, drooping branch to the left and the central branch, both drastically infected.

Next horizontal, same view.


What could it possibly be, and what kind of remedy?

Also, will it infect other types of fruit trees, like the three tangerine trees about fifteen feet away?

We really need to figure this out ASAP.

Amazing how real work, and by that I mean work with nature, commands the attention, right NOW. And the results of whatever we do or don’t do will make themselves clear, most likely in short order.

Any help deeply appreciated!


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  1. maggiesails says:

    I would bet on some sort of fungus. I’ll email you an organic ‘anti-fungal’ spray. I got a trumpet sprayer that works really well.

  2. Megan says:

    What kind of pear is it? If you notice any branches looking funny, it might be fireblight, which will need to be taken care of asap.

    • I just got a notice from Julia that directed me in the same way. I will print out the piece and check in the morning. Thanks so much, Megan!

      • saucernut says:

        Sorry girls, it’s not a pest, or a fungi… It’s our Government spraying their cocktails from planes that is killing alot of our plant life and fauna… ChemTrails to be exact…!!

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